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Internship Opportunity List 1

Internship Opportunity List 1

Below is Internship List 1. Please review:


In this list, I’ve focused on the major studios, since they usually have earlier deadlines.


For the studios, you usually have to apply through their websites, so I’ve provided those links as well.  You may need to create an online account, and specify which internship you are applying for since opportunities are offered in multiple departments.  In the cover letter, you may specify other areas of interest in case you don’t get your first choice.  Make sure to include any job codes or internship titles in your cover letter so that it’s clear what you’re applying for.


Studio internships are very competitive, and they can also take weeks to get back to you, which makes things a little tricky if you get another offer in the meantime.  Just to put things in perspective, only 1-2 students per semester get offered a studio internship, so you should definitely apply but not put all your eggs in one basket.  The work you’ll be doing in a studio internship is primarily office-based and will not be very different from working in a large production company, many of which are located on the studio lots, so keep this in mind.


A very good source of internships is You can create an online account on that site so you don’t have to upload your resume each time, but you can also just apply to the temporary email provided in the listing.


In future emails I will be greatly expanding the “Temple Connection” section, which is a list of internships offered by companies staffed by Temple alumni.  I just wanted to get this list out to you first since many studio internships have recently been posted.