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Step 4: Course Registration


Please make sure to  fill out the Course Registration Form (below) by June 7:

To read the course offerings for the London Fall 2013 semester visit the London Courses page here. All students are required to register for Special Topics: Me 2.0: You Are a Brand. If there is more than one section for each course, please choose only one. All students are required to register for 12-17 credits.

Please make sure to  fill out the Course Registration Form (attached) by June 7th:

You must speak with an academic advisor before leaving for London, and you should make an appointment immediately to do so if you have not recently discussed your semester abroad with an advisor.  If you need an appointment and cannot get an appointment until after the June 7th deadline, please submit your form by June 7th, and then double check what you have registered for with your advisor at your appointment.  We can easily make changes to your registration if, at your appointment, you discover you should have registered for something else.  If you have already met with an advisor to discuss your semester in London, you do not need to make another appointment.

Please complete the form with the Department Name, Course #, and Credit Hours, for each course.  You may leave the “Course Reference Number” column blank.  Please note that you do not need an advisor’s signature.  You only need to indicate, with your signature, that you have spoken with an advisor concerning your plans to study in London.

*Course registration is handled on a first come, first served basis. Some of the courses below fill quickly so please be prepared to provide alternate courses if one of your choices is full.

Please fill out the Course Registration Form, Health and Emergency Contact form, and Assumption of Risk and Release form and return them to Room 6 Annenberg Hall by June 7th.  You may also mail, fax, or email the forms to the following:
Room 6, Annenberg Hall
2020 North 13th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Fax: 214-204-6641

Please contact SMC Study Away with any questions.

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