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Step 2: Apply for a Visa

Internship Information

If you are planning on volunteering or participating in an internship, you must send your CV and personal statement as attachments to Please be sure to view this link before submitting your CVs and personal statements. You must also apply for and obtain a Tier 4 Student Visa, also called the Pre-Entry Clearance.  Please see instructions below on how to apply.  For the Spring semester, you must start this process soon to have enough time to obtain the visa.

London Visa Guide

The link to the instructions on how to apply for your visa (entitled “PEC criteria and requirements”) can be found at the following location:

Please make sure you use this link for the London Visa Guide provided by FIE rather than saving this document as an attachment. This is a live document and changes are made as necessary. We strongly recommend reading the entire guide immediately so you understand the step-by-step instructions and leave enough time to apply for your visa.You must complete the online application (Step 1 of the FIE Visa guide) by November 11th.


CAS Statements

In Step 2 of the London Visa Guide, you will see a reference to CAS Statements. The CAS is a unique number that is generated for each student and confirms that you are enrolled in a study abroad program. CAS Statements will be issued at the end of October.

You may be asked to show “Proof of Funds” as part of your application, which will be in the form of an original bank statement (from your or your parents’ bank account).   The amount of funds that you must show the proof of having is 3000 Great British Pounds, which is around $4800.  This documentation does not need to be submitted with your application–you may be asked by the British Consulate to provide it while your application is being processed.

These are the criteria for proof of funds:

-          Funds must be in the bank account for at least 28 days prior to the visa application being made; and
-          They cannot drop below the required amount during the 28 day period.
-          Bank statements or letters must be originals, in the student’s name and should be dated not more than one month before they paid the fee for their online visa application.
-          If a student is using a bank statement in their parent or guardian’s name they must include:
·         An original or notarised copy of a document confirming the relationship (birth certificate, certificate of adoption, or court document confirming guardian status) ; and
·         An original signed and dated letter from the parent(s)/guardian(s), confirming the relationship to the student applicant, the funds available, and that they have given their consent to the student using the funds to study in the UK.

Further details of what constitutes proof of funds can be found on pages 27-30 of the Tier 4 Policy Guidance:

Please remember that you must complete the online application by Nov. 11th.


Student Visitors

If you are not participating in an internship, you are not required to apply for the Tier 4 Visa but you will be issued a Student Visitor Letter to show at Immigration in Heathrow or Gatwick Airport.

Even if a student has a Tier 4 Visa, they may be asked to provide additional evidence of their student status by immigration officials when entering the UK. Those of you applying for the visa will also be issued a Student Visitor Letter.


Please remember that you must complete the online application by November 11th.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or require further information.

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