Study Away

Step 2: Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures, Budget Estimate

Pre-Departure Manual

Please thoroughly read through the London 2012-2013 Pre-Departure Manual (below). In it you will find information regarding finances, medical matters, housing, packing tips, internships and more. Please share this document with your parents:


Please make sure to  fill out the forms below:

The summer will be here before you know it!  Before we can consider you for scholarships that you applied for through Study Away, we must get the attached completed form from you.  This form will allow Student Financial Services to give us information about your financial need when we are considering awards.
Please complete and submit this form to Study Away by Friday, March 22nd and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Carefully read and share with your parents the following documents and information below:

6 Week Budget Estimate

Tuition for full-time students (6 credits)*
PA state residents: $3,168 (tentative)
Out-of-state residents: $5,238 (tentative)

Graduate Tuition
PA state residents: $707 per credit, plus university fee of up to $295
Out-of-state residents: $981 per credit, plus university fee of up to $295

Fees (for all students):
Housing fee: $1,975*
Program fee: $2,690*
University Services Fee: $213
International Insurance Fee: $51*

Estimated totals for billed expenses (tuition and fees):
PA state residents: $8,046 (tentative)
Out-of-state residents: $10,116 (tentative)

* Program fees do not include meals, but kitchen facilities are available. Please note that the housing and program fees will be combined on your Temple bill to equal $4,665.  The International Insurance Fee is a new, mandatory university fee for all student participating in an international program beginning with Spring 2013.

Included in the tuition and program fee:

  • Two Media and Communication courses with a focus on British culture
  • 6 undergraduate credits
  • Group field trips in and around London
  • Shared student housing in apartments in London
  • An orientation session and a tour of the city
  • Access to Imperial College Student Union Center and Birbeck College library
  • Tube Pass for the duration of the program
  • A comprehensive health insurance package

Other estimated costs:

  • Passport (for a new one, fees can total $100)
  • Meals: $1,500 (an average for a 5 week period). This will vary depending on style of living.
  • Daily expenses: $900 (an average for a 5 week period). This will vary depending on style of living.
  • Cell phone rental estimate: $150
  • International Student Identity Card: $25
  • Roundtrip airfare from Philadelphia: $1,200-1,400