Study Away

Step 3: Course Registration


You will all be registered for the following courses for your summer in NYC:

1. New York City Communities (STRC 4212, 3 credits) in summer session 1

2. New York City Institutions (STRC 4213, 3 credits) in summer session 2

You will also be registered for the Internship/Experience course, STRC 4289.  This course is offered for variable credit (1-3 credits).  Please email Lezlie McCabe by April 1st and let her know how many credits you would like to take for this course:  1, 2, or 3.  Lezlie’s email is

If you would like keep a record of your registration, you may fill out the following Course Registration Form, instead of submitting an email, by April 1:

Course Registration (Due April 1)

To read the course offerings for New York City Summer 2013, visit the NYC Courses page here. Since there is only one section for each course, all students will be registered for the same three courses.  The Internship/Experience course, STRC 4289 is offered for variable credit (1-3 credits) and all students are required to register for at least 7 credits.

You must speak with an academic advisor before leaving for NYC, and you should make an appointment immediately to do so if you have not recently discussed your summer away with an advisor.   If you have already met with an advisor to discuss your summer in New York City, you do not need to make another appointment.

Please note that you do not need an advisor’s signature.  You only need to indicate, with your signature, that you have spoken with an advisor concerning your plans to study in New York City.

Your course registration form or email is due on April 1. Please complete the form with the Department Name, Course #, and Credit Hours, for each course (please leave the CRN blank).

Please mail, email, fax or deliver your registration choices no later than April 1 to:

School of Media and Communication
Temple University
Room 6, Annenberg Hall
2020 North 13 Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19122
Fax 215-204-6641
Phone 215-204-6535