South Africa

South Africa Summer
Term: Summer
Internship: none, but strong emphasis on field work and/or research

The summer program in South Africa offers students an opportunity to produce journalistic and documentary narrative, a body of photographic work or South African-focused research. This program has a journalistic focus with the prime purpose of producing ‘news content.’ This production will be multimedia inclusive of audio, photographs, text and video. The production/equipment format will focus on use of mobile media. The production option will allow students to experience what it would be like to work as a foreign correspondent in South Africa. The program can accommodate students who do not have a journalism/production background such, as students interested in pursuing term-paper-style research. However, that research must have a journalism-media focused topic that takes advantage of being in-country. The research option will provide students an opportunity to conduct research on a range of topics related to mass media, communication technologies, politics, culture and economics in post-apartheid South Africa. In addition to these production and research projects, students contribute to an award-winning collective social media site throughout the program.

South Africa Summer

Summer 2015: June 15 – July 31, 2015 *tentative
Application Deadline: March 1

Seven Week Program Layout
Week One: You will spend the first week on Temple’s campus attending orientation sessions which will include presentations on South African culture, history, and politics and instruction on multi-media production and reporting/research techniques and social media for reporters.

Week Two: During the second week students will engage in educational field trips to locations around Johannesburg where organizations and/or individuals will provide instructional, contextual or informational presentations.  More information and details can be found on the South Africa student life page.

Week Three: Students will work on producing their own news content and will have the opportunity to hear from media experts during evening presentations.

Week Four: During the fourth week students will engage in educational field trips to locations around Cape Town where organizations and/or individuals will provide instructional, contextual or informational presentations. More information and details can be found on the student life page.

Week Five: The fifth week of the program and final week in South Africa students will work to finalize their production of assignments. This week will include a few presentations from experts in the evening along with program-end activities.

Weeks Six and Seven: Students will complete post-production and research projects at Temple University.

6 credits
Journalism 3751: Foreign Studies in Journalism

SMC Faculty Director

None, but strong emphasis on field work and/or research

Student Life
Housing in young, trendy neighborhoods (Melville in Johannesburg)
Tour of SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) and radio and television (news and drama) production studios
Pilanesburg game drive (safari)