Academic Advising

The SMC Advising Center is a part of Student Affairs. We exist as a resource for all undergraduate students in the School of Media and Communication, with the primary goal of providing ongoing support for our new freshmen and first semester transfer students. Our academic advisors—Kathy, Justin, Mary Beth, Brian, Cat, and Diana—make sure students are on the right track and are taking the appropriate courses for their majors. Patrick enhances students’ professionalism in the Center for Student Professional Development.  Lezlie and Katie give guidance in Study Away programs for those who have an adventurous nature. In the office, Sheryl, Jackie, and Lauren keep everything running smoothly with the help of our undergraduate peer advisors.

We encourage all first-year students to see an academic advisor through Freshman Seminar or an appointment, not only when it is time to register for classes, but whenever you have a question concerning your program or the University. The academic advisors are more than willing to help students with all aspects of life at Temple. In fact, except for your instructors, academic advisors are probably the Temple people new students see most during their first year.

Another way that we support first-year students is through Freshman Seminar. This one-credit course covers topics such as time management, study skills, test-taking strategies, and other academic success tips. Freshmen Seminar also discusses Temple’s support services such as financial aid, career development, counseling services, and student health services.

For Freshmen

Freshman To-Do List

  • Register for Your Classes
    If you are in good academic standing you can register for your classes through Self-Service Banner.If you are on Academic Warning or Probation, you will not be able to register yourself. In order to register for the upcoming semester, you must schedule an advising appointment by calling 215-204-5273 (press 1 to make an appointment) or by stopping into Annenberg Hall Room 9. Students on Warning can get their PIN after meeting with an advisor; students on Probation will not be able to get their PIN and will need to meet with an advisor to make any changes to their roster.
  • Pay Tuition On Time
    Once you are registered, a bill will be generated and sent to your Temple e-mail account. It is important that you make the minimum payment by the due date. If you don’t pay at least the minimum initial payment, your classes can be cancelled, and there is no guarantee that they will be open when you try to re-register for them. If you are on full financial aid, you still have to confirm that you are coming by logging on to Self-Service Banner. If you have a financial hold that you are working on getting resolved, you can still look up classes here.
  • Know Your Deadlines
    There are several deadlines that you need to know, such as the last day to drop a course, the last day to withdraw from classes, and the deadline for filing your application to graduate. These and other important events can be found on our Important Dates page.
  • Declare Your Major
    If you are undeclared within SMC, you can either stop into the Office of Student Affairs, Annenberg Hall, Room 9, and request a Change of Program form, or you can download the form here, fill it out, and drop it off. If you are undeclared University Studies or in another school or college at Temple, you must be in good academic standing to change majors and need to schedule an Intra-University Transfer (IUT) session. To schedule a meeting with an advisor or to reserve a spot in an IUT session, call 215-204-5273 and press 1 to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

What types of appointments can I make?

Students need to make appointments with an academic advisor for the following reasons:

  1. Grad Check: Students who have completed 88 credits or more are required to make an hour-long graduation check to ensure timely completion of all academic requirements.
  2. Registration: Students who have not yet completed 30 semester hours and need help selecting classes, or students who are on academic warning or probation and are unable to register themselves should schedule an appointment with an advisor before the registration period begins. During continuing registration periods, students who have more than 30 semester hours and are in good academic standing are required to make an advising appointment with their faculty advisor by going directly to their major department.
  3. Re-Enrollment: Students wishing to return to Temple after one semester or more of non-enrollment must speak with an advisor, unless they have been granted an approved Leave of Absence.
  4. Progress Check: Students who wish to examine current academic progress.
  5. Intra-University Transfers (IUT): Students who want to change their majors from another school or college at Temple to a major within the School of Media and Communication, such as from Psychology (within the College of Liberal Arts) to Advertising (within the School of Media and Communication) must attend a group advising appointment to learn about their new degree requirements.
  6. Change of Major: Students who wish to change their majors from one within SMC to another within SMC, (such as from Journalism to Advertising) should meet with an advisor to learn about how their credits will count in their new major.
  7. Study Away: After speaking with the Study Away office, students who are planning to study away in the upcoming semester should meet with an academic advisor to learn how the credits they earn elsewhere will count for their degree requirements. Students who are studying away for a semester should also plan to discuss the classes they should plan to register for while away from main campus.
  8. Financial Aid Petitions (please note appropriate deadlines).

Express (walk-in) advising is available at varying times throughout the semester for quick, 15-minute sessions, excluding those reasons listed above where an appointment is required. Weekly express advising hours can be found here.

For Continuing Students

Check your Academic Status

Self-Service Banner can give you your entire academic history by semester as well as your DARS (Degree Audit Report System) report which plugs your courses into your requirements as long as you have declared your major and, where necessary, your track or concentration. As long as your most recent semester and your overall GPA are 2.0 or higher, you are in good academic standing and will be able to register yourself for classes through Self-Service Banner. For graduation, you must also have a minimum of 2.0 in your major and overall.

Add a non-SMC Major or Minor & Change of Major within SMC

To add a non-SMC Major or Minor, or Change your major from one within SMC to another within SMC you must complete this form:

Download Change of Program Request form 

  • Second majors and minors are registered through the colleges where they originate. For the College of Liberal Arts, you must have completed approximately one half the second major or at least three courses in the intended minor before you can sign up. The Fox School of Business, on the other hand, requires you to sign up for their minors before you complete the second course in it. Contact the intended school for their specific requirements.
  • It is also a good idea to meet with an academic advisor in the second major and then with an academic advisor in SMC to determine how long it will take you to finish both degree requirements so that you can make an informed decision.
  • To change your major from one within SMC to another within SMC, such as from Journalism to Advertising, complete the Change of Program Request form, and drop it off at the Student Affairs/Advising Center, AH 9. You can also stop into the Student Affairs/Advising Center and fill it out there. You must be in good academic standing to change majors. If you need help in selecting a major, call 215-204-5273 and press 1 to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

Change your major from one School/College at Temple to a major within SMC or from SMC to another School/College at Temple

  • In order to complete this process, you need to attend an Intra-University Transfer (IUT) Session with the school or college that offers your new intended major.
  • Each school or college in Temple has its own procedure for transferring in and its own unique degree requirements. You should contact the advising center of your intended new school or college to learn what you need to do and to learn about their criteria for transferring into their school.

Continued Registration Information:

If you are in good academic standing, you are able to register on your own through Self-Service Banner. Students in the following categories should make an advising appointment by contacting the Office of Student Affairs:

  • Freshmen with fewer than 30 credits
  • Transfer students in their first semester
  • Undeclared SMC students
  • Communications or Communication Studies students
  • Students on Academic Probation or Warning

Petition to Complete a Course(s) at Another Institution After Matriculation

Students in good academic standing who meet all student and course eligibility criteria are allowed to transfer credit for two (2) summer or special session courses (up to a maximum of 8 credits) taken elsewhere toward their Temple baccalaureate degree.  You must receive prior permission from the SMC Office of Student Affairs (Annenberg Hall, Room 9).

Click here to download the petition

To be eligible to submit the petition, students must:

  • Be in good academic standing (cumulative and most recent semester GPA must be 2.00 or above) at the time of submission.
  • At time of admission/re-enrollment, have fewer than 60 credits in transfer.
  • Meet prerequisites for the course(s).
  • The course cannot be available through Temple’s distance learning program.
  • The course cannot be a duplicate of a course for which the student has already received credit.
  • The course cannot be a duplicate of a course previously attempted (earned a letter grade, failed, withdrawn or incomplete) at Temple.

For complete details, please visit the Undergraduate Bulletin.

For Students Interested in Transferring to Temple’s School of Media and Communication

Transfer Students from outside of Temple University

For students who want to transfer from another institution to Temple University’s School of Media and Communication, please visit Temple’s Undergraduate Admissions website to learn more about the application process. You can also learn come for information sessions and tours on Transfer Tuesdays to learn more  about the campus,check out majors, see the University’s facilities, and more.

Transfer Students within Temple University

If you are planning to transfer to the School of Media and Communication from another College within Temple, like Business or the College of Liberal Arts, you must complete an Undergraduate Change of Program form and take it to the Student Affairs/Advising Center. Each school or college in Temple has its own procedure for transferring in. You should contact the advising center of your intended new major to learn what you need to do, and what the criteria for transfer are.

Transfer Credits

When you are accepted to Temple from another institution, you will receive a Transfer Credit Statement outlining the equivalencies of the courses you took at your former school(s). Sometimes, the initial evaluators will bring in a course as an elective in a given department rather than as a specific course. This happens for a variety of reasons, such as that we may not have a direct equivalent or it might be an upper-level course in your major which we are not permitted to evaluate in some cases. If you feel that a course that you took in your previous school is equivalent to one at Temple, you can take a syllabus from that course and have the department where it originates re-evaluate it.

Bring the written evaluation to the Student Affairs/Advising Center in AH 9 to submit your proposed change.

For Students Seeking Re-Enrollment to SMC

Students who have not been enrolled at Temple for one semester or more need to apply for re-enrollment.

How do I Return to SMC?

Fill out Re-Enrollment Form
The first step in returning to the School of Media and Communication (SMC) is to complete a re-enrollment form and send it in to the SMC Student Affairs/Advising Center. Download the re-enrollment form here.

The Process:

  1. Apply to the School/College in which you are interested.
  2. Receive a letter indicating acceptance or denial.
  3. All holds must be cleared, as a decision cannot be made if holds exist on the account.
  4. If accepted, student must make an hour-long appointment with a SMC Academic Advisor, as outlined in the acceptance letter.
  5. If the student attended any other university during their time away from Temple, he or she needs to provide an official transcript to the contact listed on the re-enrollment application.
  6. If the student was out more than one semester due to a medical leave, medical clearance must be submitted to the SMC Student Affairs/Advising Center from your health provider.

If you have been out for one semester or more and you are not on an approved Leave of Absence, you must follow the requirements that are currently in place in the university and your program. If any of your major credits are ten or more years old, you will be required to formally petition the department of your major requesting that your credits be allowable toward your degree. There is no guarantee that credits ten or more years old will be accepted.