All School of Media and Communication students have the opportunity to experience their fields firsthand through internships and practicum – in TV and radio stations, at production houses, with theater companies, and at newspapers and advertising agencies.

Center for Student Professional Development

Prior to applying for internships, all SMC students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with SMC Career Services Director, Lu Ann Cahn. To schedule an appointment, please visit:

Major-specific Internship Information

If you are looking for more information about the academic components and departmental contacts for internships, please click the appropriate major from those listed below.

Advertising internships
Professor Dana Saewitz
315 Annenberg Hall

Communications Studies internships
Scott Gratson, Ph.D.
Suite 9, Rooms C and D
Annenberg Hall

Journalism internships
Professor Maida Odom
311 Annenberg Hall

MSP internships
Dr. Betsy Leebron Tutelman
214 Tomlinson Hall

STRC internships
Amanda Bednar
Internship Director

Study Away Internship Opportunities

Los Angeles Study Away (Fall, Spring and Summer)Alison Crouse
Room 213 Architecture Bldg.
(Across from Annenberg)

London (Fall and Spring only)
Barcelona, Hong Kong or Costa Rica (Summer only)
New York City Internship/Experience Study Away (Summer only)
Lezlie McCabe
Room 6, Annenberg Hall