Journalism alum David Wood featured in Washington Post

After a quarter-century as a military correspondent, David Wood, ’70 knew the drill as he reported from Afghanistan last week, in helmet and flak jacket, on the intricacies of the U.S. war effort. But this time he was writing for a fledgling Web site, one that — unlike the thousands that specialize in commentary, snark or recycling other people’s reporting — is willing to pony up to send an old-school journalist on a six-week foreign assignment. Wood was picked up by AOL’s Politics Daily in May, shortly after the Baltimore Sun laid him off. “As the newspaper business declined, I felt hemmed in by smaller news pages, demands for tighter copy, growing stinginess with travel money,” Wood says. “It just seemed harder and harder to do quality, in-depth journalism on my beat. None of those restrictions exist at Politics Daily.” Read full article.

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