Students assist with music video shoot in Annenberg Hall

Seattle/Brooklyn-based recording artist Kate Tucker visited and collaborated music industry and video production students from the Department of Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media March 1.

After chatting with Associate Professor Jack Klotz’s music industry students about the independent artist’s business model, Tucker performed a series of songs, which were recorded directly into ProTools by Klotz’s students, and shot in a four-camera studio setup by Assistant Professor Dustin Morrow’s video production students.

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Later in the afternoon, approximately two dozen of Morrow’s students, joined by a handful of students from the Film and Media Arts Department, volunteered to crew for a music video collaboration with Tucker.  The video was shot in HD with three 7D cameras, and included extensive dolly and stedicam work.  The video was directed by Morrow, with SCT Video Systems Coordinator John Sedlack serving as cinematographer.

Tucker has released three alt-rock albums, including “Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden,” which was among the top indie releases of 2008/2009, generating the hit singles “Faster Than Cars Drive” and “Everything Went Down.” She has showcased at CMJ, SXSW, and Bumbershoot, and played with Lilith Fair last summer. Her catalog has been licensed to several network television series, including CSI and One Tree Hill, and to multiple Starbucks compilations. She is repped by the A&R head at Rick Rubin’s label, American Recordings.  She recently starred in her first feature film, Everything Went Down, which was based on her songs and was written and directed by Morrow.