A story of Olympic proportions

On their first full day in London, Jake Rasmussen and Isabel Garcia hit the pavement to gather interviews. (photo by Ryan Geffert)

A team of Temple University students and alumni will bring the experience surrounding the London Olympics into the homes of Philadelphians through TUTV, templetv.net and TUTV’s social media sites.

Five students from the School of Media and Communication and the Center for the Arts will be among the legions of reporters documenting one of the world’s biggest events. But instead of focusing on the sporting events and the medal count, the students will do stories on the impact the Olympics has on the city as part of the “London Olympics Television Workshop,” a course supported by the Kal and Lucille Rudman Media Production Center.

They will create content for a 30-minute television program that begins July 26 and will air each Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. on TUTV throughout the Olympics. The show, “Temple @ the London Olympics,” will be hosted from inside Annenberg Hall’s TV studio 3 by a team of students and alumni. The crew in London will file their stories in advance, but join the in-studio crew live via Skype.

“What I’m looking forward to most is being back in Studio 3 with my peers, because this time it feels like it is on a much larger scale,” says Lindsay Keeler, BTMM ’12, who will be one of the in-studio anchors. “Being able to put on a show centered around the Olympics, one of the most watched events on television, and having it air in the fourth largest television market in the country is an opportunity that for someone my age is a dream come true.”

Two of the students on the ground in London, Film and Media Arts majors Jake Rasmussen and Ryan Geffert, are getting their first taste of practical journalism through this workshop experience.

“I have never made a journalism-type news piece, so this will be a challenge for me. However, it is a challenge I am willing to take,” Rasmussen says. “It can improve my editing skills and expand my knowledge of video making.”

The team members, who are supervised in London by Assistant Professor William Mooney, have been working since May to plan the details of their project, from story ideas to equipment needs. Before their departure, they recorded stories with Temple and local connections. Journalism students Hope Janelle Berninghausen and Isabel Garcia spent a day at the equestrian Olympic trials in Devon.

Matt Repino and Lindsay Bitler, both of whom will work on the show from the on-campus studio, help test out the Skype feed before the crew departed to London.

“Preparing for London has been very exciting. We have been out shooting some stories and making contacts for while we are in London,” Berninghausen said. “I am looking forward to just being there and the hustle and bustle of all the people and news organizations.”

Paul Gluck, associate professor of Media Studies and Production and general manager of TUTV, says the students’ time in London will be invaluable.

“This experience will help them cultivate strategies, tactics and techniques that will serve them will for the rest of their professional lives,” Gluck said. “The sheer scale of the story will capture their imaginations, while offering an incredible challenge.”

The Crew

It takes dozen of people to produce a show like this on TUTV. Here are all of the people who have been an important part of the process:

Quinton Bosman
Isabel Garcia
Hope Janelle Berninghausen
Ryan Geffert
Jake Rasmussen

Lindsey Bitler, BTMM ‘12
Lindsay Keeler, BTMM ‘12
Keaton Nichols

Quinton Bosman, Isabel Garcia and Jake Rasmussen set up the studio in London. (photo by Ryan Geffert)

Rob Czyzewicz, BTMM ‘10
Kevin Downs
Francis Hilario
Elizabeth Iezzi, COMM ‘12
Derrick Q. Lewis
Kevin Manley
Aria Niayz, BTMM ‘12
Ankit Patel
Matt Repino

Professor Jack Klotz
Vince Leonard

Professor Amy Caples
Jeff Cronin
George Cummings
Assistant Dean Don Heller
Bruce Byker James
Jack McCarthy
Professor Patrick Murphy
Bella Pezzati
Rob Velez