StratComm event takes learning beyond the classroom

By London Faust
Strategic Communication student

The Temple School of Media and Communication’s Department of Strategic Communication hosted “From Us to You” Feb. 27, an informational event and networking opportunity between professors and students.

Students were able to ask questions and receive advice from a panel of four StratComm professors: Gregg Feistman, Alanna Miller, Leanne Augustine and Dale Wilcox. The professors, all of whom have many years of experience in the media and communication field, were open and honest.

“From Us to You” was hosted by PRowl Public Relations Assistant Firm Director Kaitlyn Sutton. Sutton opened up the panel discussion by asking, “What was your dream job and where did you end up?,” a question that certainly got the conversation going. Students were reminded not everyone will obtain their dream job directly after graduation and their future goals may be altered during the process of finding that “perfect job.” Most of the panel said that by being able to teach and prepare students for the future of the media and communication field, they had finally found their dream job.

The event continued with a great deal of discussion about the media and communication industry, with the students asking their professors a broad range of questions. The panel discussion came to a close as the professors provided advice as to what classes they would recommend students to take outside of the media and communication realm. It was a unanimous vote; students should take at least one business class during their college career.

After the event was over, students introduced themselves to the panel and were able to network with them.

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