Advertising class hits the sound studio

Two advertising students take a turn at the mics at Baker Sound.

Fifteen students in the “Advanced Copywriting” class at Temple University’s School of Media and Communication visited Baker Sound in Center City Philadelphia to simulate a radio commercial recording session.

Assistant Professor of Advertising Joe Glennon played all the roles a copywriter normally would perform.

“I walked the students through the session and used six of them as voice talent to record the script,” Glennon says. “Unlike TV, with an army of creative professionals taking commands from a director, or print, which requires an art director and others to complete the job, radio is the domain of the writer. The copywriter selects the voices, acts as producer scheduling studio time and the talent, and directs the session. The voice talent and the recording engineer add their expertise, but all decisions belong to the copywriter. After all, the recording session is when the writer takes what he hears in his head and records it.”

Joe Glennon’s “Advanced Copywriting” class takes over Baker Sound recording studios in Philadelphia.

Glennon says radio commercials are often left in the hands of younger writers, so it’s beneficial for the students to get their first studio experience under their belts.

The students were able to spend time with two Temple alumni, Rick DiDonato, RTF ’87, president and chief engineer, and Jeff King, BTMM ’07, an engineer.

“The first time I was in a recording studio was the first session I was responsible for. It was terrifying, to say the least. Thankfully, the engineer could tell how green I was and led me through the process without ever letting the client know I was freaking out,” Glennon says. “I know my students are more prepared for their first session than I was.”