De Voe wins ‘Friend of Communication Management Program’ award

Kristina De Voe

Kristina De Voe, English and communications librarian at Temple University’s Paley Library, has won the first “Friend of the M.S. in Communication Management Program” certificate of appreciation for her “selfless dedication to supporting students’ and faculty members’ research activities.”

Donnalyn Pompper, director of the M.S. program explained:  “Our program continues to grow and thrive and we are much honored to have the support of valued friends such as Ms. De Voe. We want to formally thank her for sharing her expertise so kindly with our students and faculty.”

De Voe is the first to win the award, which was presented at Capstone Day Spring ’13 on May 10 to kick off the event hosted for graduate students presenting their final projects before graduation. The award was created to annually honor someone who has enthusiastically supported the M.S. in Communication Management Program.