SMC faculty earn merit awards

Each year, Temple University recognizes faculty for their outstanding performance in teaching and instruction, research, scholarship, creative activity and/or outstanding performance in university service, or service to the profession or discipline. In the School of Media and Communication, 29 faculty members have received an award of merit. Throughout Temple, a record number of merit awards totaling 2,056 units of $600 each will be distributed to almost 700 individual faculty members.

SMC faculty who have received an award are:

John Edward Campbell, MSP

Amy L. Caples, MSP

Fabienne Darling-Wolf, JOUR

Jason Del Gandio, STRC

Brooke E. Duffy, ADV

Gregg C. Feistman, STRC

Jan L. Fernback, MSP

Matthew R. Fine, MSP

Jennifer Lovrinic Freeman, ADV

Scott Gratson, STRC

Christopher Harper, JOUR

Sheryl D. Kantrowitz, ADV

Carolyn Kitch, JOUR

Jack Klotz, MSP

Andrew Mendelson, JOUR

George Miller, JOUR

Maida Odom, JOUR

Donnalyn Pompper, STRC

Hector Postigo, MSP

Cornelius Pratt, STRC

Dana K. Saewitz, ADV

Larry Stains, JOUR

Lori L. Tharps, JOUR

Edward J. Trayes, JOUR

Karen M. Turner, JOUR

Barry Vacker, MSP

Tracey Weiss, STRC

Thomas Wright, STRC

Kaibin Xu, STRC