Game show gives Owls chance to continue winning streak over La Salle

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Photos by Ryan S. Brandenberg/Temple University

With this past season’s big basketball win over La Salle still fresh in our collective memories, it was up to four students and recent graduates from the School of Media and Communication to keep the streak going.

Except this time, it wasn’t on the court; it was a battle of wits on a game show set.

Channel 17’s Philly Pheud, a game quite similar to the classic Family Feud, brought together teams from TUTV and La Salle TV to see which college station knows their city best.

Students Seth Wozniak and Tara Miller teamed up with alumni Megan McNerney, JOUR ’13, and Matt Repino, MSP ’13, to see if they could repeat the basketball team’s 82-74 win over La Salle in February. The stations had made a bet with one another on that game, resulting in a La Salle anchor wearing a Temple t-shirt on air, so La Salle TV was out for revenge.

Filmed at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philadelphia and hosted by Mike Missanelli of 95.7 The Fanatic, the game show challenges contestants to guess a list of answers to a question that has something to do with Philadelphia.

In one round, the Temple and La Salle teams were asked to name the top five Philadelphia museums. Miller came through strong with the Please Touch Museum, but then followed by guessing the Barnes, which was not on the list.

“You’re too cerebral for this audience,” Missanelli joked.

Up 90-70 heading into the final lighting round, the Owls appeared confident. La Salle went first with a strong round, tacking on 170 more points to their score. TUTV, led by Repino, stumbled on their clue-giving, sparking some jovial dissension among the teammates and came up short in the end, giving the Explorers the win 250-190.

“I knew if I would be able to describe it, Seth would be able to get,” Repino said of the final round. “It’s very tough when you’re up there, you don’t realize how quick everything goes.”

With all of the hours they spend together in the Kal and Lucille Rudman Media Production Center, Repino said they coalesced well as a team. “The camaraderie definitely came through today—for both teams.”

The loss, one teammate said, might be because of their previous game show experience.

“This game is a lot harder than Tell All,” McNerney said after the filming, referring to TUTV’s original game show series. “I’m a personal winner of Tell All, so I thought we’d be good at this. This was definitely harder.”

The Temple/La Salle edition of Philly Pheud will be aired Saturday, July 6, at 11 p.m. on PHL17 and on the Philly Pheud YouTube channel.