Bake sale offers sweet lesson in entrepreneurialism

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What better way to teach entrepreneurialism than with baked goods?

Two teams from Assistant Professor Meredith Broussard’s “The Journalist as Entrepreneur” class faced off on Liacouras Walk Sept. 5 for an hour to see who could earn the most profit with a pop-up bake shop.

The class is designed to teach students how to earn a living as a writer—to encourage them to think about innovative media ventures and how to make them work in the real world. Broussard decided to showcase this important life lesson with a bake sale, one of the simplest economic ventures out there.

Much like writers are faced with different challenges, the teams were assigned their own challenges: one team had to sell homemade items and the other sold store-bought cookies.

In the end, the students learned how to implement design, product quality, economics and logistics into their hour-long business venture—skills that will serve them well as they try to make it as journalists after graduation.