Sisters discover social media gold with skyline shots from Morgan Hall

Temple SMC students Megan and Maureen Healy gaze on the Philly skyline from the 22nd floor of Morgan Hall. (Photo by Betsy Manning/Temple University)

By Jeff Cronin
SMC Communications

You’ve seen the stunning images of the Philadelphia skyline that have been shared, retweeted, liked and have otherwise run rampant on Temple University social media.

These shots of looming rainstorms and sunsets that paint the sky with pinks, reds and purples all came from the 22nd floor Morgan Hall room of School of Media and Communication students Megan and Maureen Healy.

The twin sisters from North Jersey had ties to Philly and to Temple before they began their education here. They were born in a Philadelphia hospital and their great-great-grandfather was an Owl in the 1920s (their family still has a certificate signed by Russell Conwell). But waking up to this view every day has intensified their connection to the city and all that it has to offer.

“Living in Morgan Hall definitely makes me more aware of where I am,” said Megan, a strategic communication major.

A close-up of the Healy sisters standing in their Morgan Hall window. (Photo by Betsy Manning)

“Just looking out our window, you can see everything: Jersey across the river, the bridge. From City Hall all the way to the Art Museum,” Maureen, an advertising major, chimed in. “You can talk about all the opportunities that Temple gives you because we’re in Philly, right in the city, but here, you can see it just by looking out the window. Some day, I could be working there, or interning there, meeting people that will change the rest of my life.”

Ending up on the 22nd floor was no accident. They were born on 2/22 (and they’re twins) so it seemed like the obvious choice. They say the view from 22 stories up is much better in person than through their iPhones, which sometimes makes it seem that Center City is farther away than it actually is.

“It’s literally right outside my window,” Maureen said.

As sophomores, the Healy sisters are just now beginning to pursue internship opportunities in the city. They hope to gain a bit more knowledge and experience in the classroom before heading out into their prospective fields.

Realizing social media’s power
Megan and Maureen average one skyline post on their social media accounts a week, a frequency for which Megan recently issued an apology.

“I’m sorry for all the skyline pictures, they’re just too good,” she said to her friends and followers.

As an advertising major, Maureen’s classroom discussions regularly focus on social media.

“It’s one thing to talk about the power social media has, but it’s another to see it work,” she said. “A simple hashtag has the power to reach thousands of people across the nation. As social media continues to evolve and change, it’s especially important for me to have an understanding of how it all works since someday I will be using it in the advertising industry. So why not start now?”

Some of the images have inspired their friends to visit Philadelphia and the Healys are encouraging those still in high school to tour Temple – and include a stop at their residence hall.

“If you visited Morgan and saw the view, I don’t even know how you would be able to not choose Temple,” Maureen said.

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