SMC shows off scholarly skills at National Communication Association convention

From Nov. 21-24, communications scholars from across the country gathered in Washington, D.C., at the annual National Communication Association convention. Below are a few images from this year’s event courtesy of communication studies student Justin Dowdall, as well as a listing of everyone from the Temple School of Media and Communication who presented their research.

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“Tell Me a Story: Cognitive Mechanisms of Narrative Processing”
“Response to Face and Obligation in Asia”
“Power Tactics in Negotiation: A Test and Application of Power Distance Reduction Theory”
Deborah Cai, strategic communication

“Magical Memories for Sale: Emotional Ownership and the Disney Theme Park Brand Community”
John Edward Campbell, media studies and production

“Modeling Online Health Information Seeking Behavior in China: The Roles of Information Completeness, Websites’ Design Features, Message Credibility, and Self-efficacy for Internet Use”
Weidan Cao, Yuanxin Wang, media and communication doctoral student

“Facebook’s Many Faces: Exploring HBCU Culture and Digital Identities”
Angela Cirucci, media and communication doctoral student

“Digital Self-Representation: Occupy Wall Street and the Production of Politically-Inflected Visibility”
“The Politics of Visibility as an Assemblage of Technology, Self-representation and Media Practices”
“Disciplines of Truth: The ‘Arab Spring,’ American Journalistic Practice, and the Production of Meaning”
Brian Creech, journalism

“Performances on Behalf of the Environment”
“Building Energetic Communication: Effecting Change, Connecting the Spiritual and the Mundane”
“From Eros to Emanation: The Vibe as a Constitutive Factor of Spontaneous Rebellion”
Jason Del Gandio, strategic communication

“Connecting to the Conversation: My Time with the Figure/Ground Communication Project, Academic Blogging and the Community of Digital Scholarship”
Justin Dowdall, communication studies student

“The Rise and Fall of Newt Gingrich: How Long Shot Candidates Can Use Debates to Compete in Presidential Primaries”
“Debating the Debate: Presidential Debate Moderators and the Ideals of Journalism”
Thomas Gallagher, media and communication doctoral student

“Working Mothers in the Movies: Feminine Identity in Erin Brockovich and I Don’t Know How She Does It”
Maxine Gesualdi, media and communication doctoral student

“Creating Connections for LGBTQ Students: Beyond the Assumptions”
Scott Gratson, strategic communication

“Connecting Public Relations Practice and Scholarship with Communication for Development”
Thomas Jacobson, media studies and production

“The Sportiest Catwalk on Earth: How Sport and Fashion Collide on the Olympic Stage”
“The Women’s Olympics: News Framing of Women’s Sports and Female Athletes at the 2012 London Olympics”
Susannah Cobb McMonagle, media and communication doctoral student

“Collective Memory, Identity, and Place: Remembering U.S. Industry”
Melissa Meade, media and communication doctoral student

“Serious Efforts at Bias Reduction: The Effects of Digital Games and Avatar Customization on Three Cognitive Biases”
“Critical Feminist Interventions in New Media Studies”
Adrienne Shaw, media studies and production

“Archiving Natural Disasters, Creating Public Memory: Textual Analysis of Online Museums Commemorating the 921 Earthquake and Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan”
“Not Your Ordinary NBA Hero: A Narrative Analysis of US and Taiwanese News Coverage of Linsanity”
Chiaoning Su, media and communication doctoral student

“Exploring Guanxi from a Gender Perspective: Urban Chinese Women’s Practices of Guanxi”
“Coping with the American Ideals of Conflict Management: A Case Study of the Subsidiary of a US-Based Multinational Corporation in Southwest China”
“Alternative Conceptualizations of the Relationship between Social Support and Post-traumatic Stress: Evidence from the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake”
Kaibin Xu, strategic communication