KYW news director returns for annual journalism lecture

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You might call Dee Patel a news nutritionist.

The news director for KYW NewsRadio, Patel, JOUR ’99, was the featured speaker April 30 at the annual Dorothy I. Kirsch Lecture in Morgan Hall.

“It’s a big monster to feed and it’s my job to feed it,” Patel told the room full of journalism majors from the Temple University School of Media and Communication about to receive departmental awards.

She lauded the students for their ability to process all of the information that the internet and social media throws at them on a continual basis.

“All of this is very second nature to you guys,” she said. “This is information overload for us.”

But because the 22-year-olds about the enter professional journalism excel and thrive in this media landscape, Patel is excited about where this next generation will take the industry.

“That’s how you are changing the face of journalism,” she said.

Patel encouraged the students to remember to be accurate, cautious and curious as they work as journalists to create a fulfilling career.

“It will take a lot out of you, but it will give you a lot back,” she said.

The annual lecture is named after Dorothy Italie Kirsch, JOUR ’36. She and her husband created the lecture series in 1993 because, “hearing the insight and perspectives of leading communication specialists offers a unique chance for students to see the breadth of opportunity that awaits them.”