Advertising Alum Named Finalist in Young Ones Competition

By Logan Beck

May 2015 graduate and advertising alumna Heather Kasprzak was named a finalist in The One Show Young Ones Competition, one of the most renowned  international advertising competitions for young professionals.

After being invited by advertising professor Kathy Mueller to join a group of students entering the competition as an independent study, Kasprzak was ready for the challenge.

“I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and push myself to create something really cool,” Kasprzak said.

The Young Ones Competition gives students across the globe the opportunity to show off their creativity and compete for cash prizes, as well as a “One Show Pencil.”

To prepare for the competition, Kasprzak spent time looking up past entries in order to gain inspiration for her own project.

“Once the brief was released, Kathy had us all do our own research on the topic presented and discuss it with one another before jumping into the creative,” Kasprzak said. “The research was incredibly helpful- it was essentially the basis of my


Her submission,  a poster titled, “Rethink Technology,” was designed to demonstrate the benefits technology can have on a child’s education at home and , and in the classroom.

“From personal experience, I know that not all influencers in a child’s life use technology to its full potential,” Kasprzak said. “Many times this is because they do not realize just how large of an impact it can have on learning and only associate technology with negative outcomes. The goal of Rethink Technology is to change this perception.”

Kasprzak used her poster to encourage the audience to learn more, and challenge them to look at technology as an educational tool. With only about a month to work on it, Kasprzak completed her project despite having a full course load and an internship.