Please note that for parents to have access to their son or daughter’s educational records, including academic status (such as registration information, grades and more), the student needs to complete the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) waiver.

If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact SMC Student Affairs/Advising Center at 215-204-5273 or advise@temple.edu.
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In Case of Emergency

Academic Advising, Policies, and Related Information

How I get in touch with my academic advisor?

Please visit Room 9 in Annenberg Hall to schedule an appointment with an advisor or call 215-204-5273. Please also check the “walk-in” hours posted on the SMC Student Affairs website.

I can’t remember how to locate the information that an advisor gave me during an advising session. What do I do?

You can view notes, along with links to important websites, from an advising session in TU Portal. Click on the Student Tools tab, look under the Records section on the right-hand side of the page, and then select Advising Sessions.

Where may I locate an academic calendar noting the start and end of classes each semester?

How do I change my major within SMC?

Complete the “Undergraduate Request for Program Change” and drop the form off at the SMC Student Affairs/Advising Center in Room 9, Annenberg Hall.

How do I change my major outside of SMC, such as to business?

Schedule an Intra-University Transfer (IUT) session with the Advising Center of the school or college into which the student wants to transfer (i.e., the “new” college).  After you attend the session, you are then prompted to fill out paperwork to formally change your major.  The IUTs are effective for the following semester.  These IUT sessions are held multiple times throughout the year, except during January and August, at the discretion of the school or college’s Advising Center.

Where can I locate information related to university or academic policies, including Academic Warning or Probation?

I have concerns about a grade I received. What does he or she do?

Please download the PDF document “SMC Undergraduate Grade Appeal Policies and Procedures” for information about grades.

Campus Safety

If I have questions concerning campus safety, whom do I contact?

What safety services and programs are offered to students?

Temple’s Campus Safety Services offers a shuttle service which runs from campus to campus as well as the “to your door” (TUr door) service, which transports students from Main Campus to their off-campus residences in surrounding neighborhoods. Click here to access the map and schedule.

Commencement and Graduation

What is the difference between graduation and commencement?

Commencement is the university ceremony, which is open to all graduating students within Temple. Graduation is the school-wide ceremony, which is open to all graduating students within SMC. Commencement and Graduation are two separate ceremonies. Commencement is held only in May while Graduation is held in January and May.

Where can I get information on graduation?

What is the graduation process?

When a student has completed 90 credits, he or she needs to make an appointment with an SMC academic advisor for a graduation review. The advisor and student will discuss remaining requirements for graduation as well as the graduation process during this meeting. Additionally, the student needs to complete a mandatory online graduation application, which can be submitted through the TU Portal on Self-Service Banner. Diplomas will NOT be mailed in cases where this form has not been completed. Any student who has a hold on their record must resolve the issue prior to graduation. Diplomas will NOT be released to students who have holds on their accounts. Additionally, all students who have had financial aid are required to complete an Exit Interview.

Contributions to the School

Counseling and Self-Help

Diamond Dollars and Temple Purchases

Directory Information and Contacts

Enrollment Information and Transcripts

Financial Aid and Billing

How can I get information on financial aid for students?

Please contact Student Financial Services. For students at Main Campus, call 215-204-2244.

When will I receive my tuition bill?

The Billing schedule is available here. Bills are not mailed out; notifications are sent to your official Temple e-mail account and bills will be available in TUpay.
The Bursar’s Office can be reached at 215-204-7269.

Parents’ Access to Information

Student Health and Medical Withdrawal

What do I need to do if I need to medically withdraw for the semester?

All the information regarding the medical withdrawal is on the “Form for withdrawal for medical reasons (.doc)“. He or she needs to download the document, read it throughly, fill it out and submit it to an academic advisor. Medical documentation is required for medical withdrawals. The medical withdrawal process requires a student to withdraw from all courses during the semester, and a medical withdrawal will not be approved in cases where a grade has been earned. Click here for the Academic Policies page, with more information on the medical withdraw process.

Are there immunization and medical requirements for new students enrolled at Temple?

For information, please visit the General Health Information for incoming students.