Undergraduate Program

The Advertising Department prepares students for careers at advertising agencies, marketing departments of corporations or not-for-profit organizations, media companies, media planning and buying companies, research businesses, and many other industries. Students choose one of five concentrations: Account ManagementResearch and Strategy, Media PlanningArt Direction, and Copywriting. For a complete listing of degree requirements and courses, see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

NOTE: Advertising majors must take a minimum of 48 credits in Advertising courses and a maximum of 60 credits.

Here is more detailed information about each of our concentrations:

  1. Copywriting
    In an advertising agency, copywriters and art directors work in partnership to develop outstanding, innovative creative work. Copywriting students will take three advanced courses in copywriting.  These advanced courses will help students develop their conceptual skills and writing talents in preparation for the competitive world of copywriting. The Portfolio class provides students the opportunity to work in teams with Art Directors and to work on the production of a professional-quality portfolio. Students following the Copywriting track take ADV 3022, ADV 3023 and ADV 4064.
  2. Art Direction
    Conceptual thinking is a requirement for all creative people in advertising. In addition, students in Art Direction will develop hands-on skills in creating both digital and traditional advertising. Students in the Art Direction must develop proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite.  Track courses are ADV 3052, ADV 3053 and ADV 4064.  The Portfolio class provides students the opportunity to work in teams with copywriters and to develop a professional-quality portfolio. Note:  Students entering after Spring 2016 must apply for acceptance in the Art Direction track after they have completed ADV 1001 and ADV 2151. Transfer students should apply immediately upon acceptance to Temple University. Read about Art Direction Track portfolio application process or apply now.
  1. Account Management
    This concentration offers preparation for careers in management, which will open doors for students in a broad array of industries in today’s complex, fragmented media landscape. In the three advanced Account Management courses (ADV 3031, ADV 3033 and ADV 3034) students will learn about Digital Analytics and Reporting, Advertising Sales, and Account Management. Students are also required to take Intro to Marketing (ADV 2111) in preparation for the advanced classes.
  1. Research and Strategy
    Students following this track will receive training that helps them develop skills in strategic thinking and planning, understanding consumer behavior, conducting surveys, focus groups and other forms of research, analyzing data, testing copy and studying America’s changing demographics. Strong research and strategic thinking skills will prepare students for a wide variety of careers in corporations, research firms, marketing companies and advertising agencies. Students in Research and Strategy take ADV 3031, ADV 3043 and ADV 4044. ADV 3042 is a recommended elective.
  1. Media Planning
    This track prepares students for careers in digital and traditional media buying and planning and media sales. These skills are highly valued by corporations, media companies, media sales organizations, media buying and planning firms, research companies and advertising agencies. Students will study Digital Analytics and Reporting (ADV 3031), Advertising Sales (ADV 3033), and Advanced Media Planning (ADV 4054).

Internships or Diamond Edge Communications

All advertising majors are required to do either a professional internship or be involved with Diamond Edge Communications (DEC), our student-run ad agency.  Both offer students valuable hands-on experience in actual advertising-related professional experiences. DEC works with local Philadelphia clients, under the supervision of an advertising professor, to develop strategic plans, research, digital and traditional creative materials, media plans and presentations. The internship program is carefully managed by our Internship Directors to help students find the best possible internship opportunities. The Internship Directors, faculty members and SMC’s Director of Career Services will help students with preparation of resumes, cover letters, and Linked In pages. We will also guide students through the process of seeking and identifying quality internship opportunities.