Research and Strategy Concentration

Research and Strategy Course Sequence

Advertising research forms the framework on which advertisements are built. It gives advertisers a competitive edge by providing them with a deeper understanding of their audience, competition, and market. Information gathered through surveys, interviews, and focus groups gives insight into the minds of consumers and guides the creation of ads.

In the research and strategy track, you’ll learn how to plan, design, and conduct quantitative and qualitative research studies in order to develop incisive strategic plans. You’ll work with research databases and services, and become familiar with gathering and analyzing data. Case studies and group projects will allow you to put into practice the entire research process from start to finish.

Courses Specific to the Research and Strategy Concentration

3031. Digital Analytics and Reporting 

This course will examine how traditional, internet and mobile advertising differ in their ability to track and analyze responses. What key measurement metrics are used by each form of media? What analytic tools are used? What is the impact of social media and electronic word-of-mouth marketing, and how can these be measured? Students will learn key digital measurement terms and methods of analysis.

3043. Qualitative Advertising Research

This course will concentrate on the role of qualitative research in advertising. Through the use of discussion, case studies and projects, it focuses on how advertisers and agencies use qualitative methods like focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnography to uncover consumer insights. This course will investigate the design and execution of these various kinds of qualitative research techniques, and is a foundation for students who wish to pursue a career in advertising research and planning.

4044. Account Planning

This course will concentrate on the roles and responsibilities of account planners in advertising. It will focus on how research uncovers consumer insights, and probe how these findings are applied throughout the process of developing marketing communications. The course addresses how account planners work with the creative and management teams to ensure that the voice of the consumer is a constant focus in the advertising process. The course replicates this experience in a brand’s lifespan, and provides a hands-on exposure to this multi-faceted career.