National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC)


The National Student Advertising Campaign is a competition that gives students from around the country the opportunity to develop an entire advertising campaign for a real world client. Beginning with a case study released by that year’s client, students have the chance to research, plan, and create a new advertising campaign for the company. The NSAC team then travels to New York, where it competes against other universities and colleges. Through a 20 minute presentation, including research findings, strategies and concepts, visual and written components, as well as all proposed ads in the campaign, each team pitches their ideas to a panel of experts, who judge the students campaign. With the country split in to 15 districts, the winning team from each area then advances to the national finals, held during the American Advertising Federation’s National Conference. This competition provides a unique, once in a lifetime experience to any student involved, for what better way to learn about the advertising campaign process than to do it.


The National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) is a student-run organization that will be creating a campaign for Glidden Paint this year. In May, we compete against other universities and present our campaign in front of a panel of judges.

The case study outlines our challenge as the following:

The challenge for the 2013 NSAC is to help build awareness and consideration for the Glidden paint  brand within US Walmart stores by developing an integrated and multi-platform marketing effort  for three different customer segments. The campaign will run from May 2014 through September  2014 and will be supported by a $10 million budget. At that level of investment, all components must  work together seamlessly and in an efficient manner to influence behaviors and drive point-of-sale  results beyond the indicated promotional period.


07-08 NSAC Team in NYCThe National Student Advertising Competition is sponsored by a different client each year. In recent years, clients have included big name companies like JCPenney, AIM, Coca-Cola, Yahoo, Bank of America and The New York Times. The 2008-09 Temple University NSAC team put together a campaign addressing binge drinking in colleges and universities for The Century Council. After two semesters of hard work, the team had a unique opportunity to travel to New York City and pitch their idea to The Century Council in a 20 minute presentation.


In 2010, the NSAC team worked with State Farm Insurance. State Farm’s goal was to encourage creativity among students working on the project. During the Fall 2009 semester, the Temple NSAC team conducted research and began to come up with possible concepts for State Farm. We placed for the first time in the competition!

If you would like to get involved in this very exciting organization, please contact Professor Sheryl Kantrowitz -or- stop by our weekly meetings during the FALL 2012 semester: Wednesdays @ 3:00 – 4:30 pm, Annenberg Hall, Room 310.