Temple Ad Club (TAC)

Please join us during our Fall 2016 meetings on Mondays from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm in the Howard Gittis Student Center Room (rooms will change from week to week). 

Who We Are

The Temple Ad Club, or TAC, is an organization that serves to promote advertising awareness among the students of Temple University. Through education and hands-on experience, we promote the role that advertising plays in our everyday lives. We study its growing power and effect in the ever expanding “real” world, while giving driven students of all majors a chance to express and explore their creativity.

TAC is a member of the American Advertising Federation, or AAF. As such, its members are provided with many opportunities to meet advertising agencies and their employees, as well as many other communication associates, in a professional environment. Through this interaction, students gain the ability to earn internships, gain career placement, and learn valuable networking skills needed for life. This skill set is then put to use in our everyday lives.

As one of the most active clubs on campus, TAC is involved in all aspects of advertising for other Temple Organizations. We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of compassion, and constantly giving back to our educational community through numerous drives and fundraisers around campus. We believe that helping those around us is not just a resume builder, but a way of life, and we strive to build character through accomplishment.

Most importantly, TAC is a group of compatible students that like to have fun. We genuinely enjoy each others’ company. We strive to promote a strong sense of self and individualism, and encourage personality and “flair.” No matter how large or small an activity may be, we make it enjoyable, further building our relationships with one another.

What We Do

In addition to our General Body Meetings, we have a student-run agency, Allotrope and a Mentorship Program. Allotrope agency is the perfect starting point for anyone looking for experience in the agency world. We are a student-­run, full-service agency that takes on real clients with real projects. We harness the passion, raw talent, and enthusiasm that only students have and channel it towards creating amazing work. Walk away with high-quality portfolio pieces, valuable experience, and connections. The Mentorship Program allows less experienced TAC members to grow and learn from well-versed members. Learn how to perfect your resume, improve your online presence, practice interviewing, and more all while gaining a friend in the process.

Team Temple Ad Club

About the AAF

The American Advertising Federation is the most established advertising association in the United States. With over 50,000 members and 400 chapters across the country, the AAF serves to protect and promote the well-being of advertising. They promote what has come to be known as “the business of brand building” and help to educate the current and future leaders of the industry.

How to Get Involved

Anyone that wishes to learn more about the business of advertising, and practice it in a real life environment, is encouraged to join TAC. For more information, or to become a member of TAC and the AAF, contact tac@temple.edu, or simply stop by one of our weekly meetings and join in the action.

Temple Ad Club Meeting

If you are interested in becoming a member or are a current  member, you should connect with us on Owl Connect for information about our organization, events, and other news. Click on the Owl Connect image below!

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