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Advertising Dept. Class Galleries

Below is featured work from students in Advertising Department classes.

Intro to Digital Design Tools

Intro to Digital Design Toolsspecial_topics_new is an elective class for Advertising majors only. It is set up to further develop your skills in the Adobe Suite software collection including Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Students learn to utilize these programs to create projects on a professional level.

Art Direction

art_direction_newIn the Art Direction track sequence, students gain a comprehensive understanding of how ideas become branded visual communications that engage, capture and persuade audiences.
Art Direction I
Art Direction II

Interactive Media

interactive_media_newInteractive Media is an advanced course explores the dynamic space of Interactive, primarily web-based media. Specifically, we explore how advertisers can use best practices in this space to create branded programs which are seamlessly integrated with offline, general advertising and marketing efforts.

Strategy and Positioning

strategy_positioning_newIn Strategy and Positioning, students learn to connect message solutions to marketing problems through an understanding of the relationship of marketing strategy and brand positioning to communication strategies and advertising copy.


portfolio_newAdvertising Portfolio brings together copywriters and art directors in two person teams. They work together to create exciting examples of advertising from initial conceptual schemes to comprehensive finished ads. The ads include full treatments of copy and art executed as take-home assignments and discussed in class.

Intro to Copywriting

copywriting_newIntro to Copywriting focuses on writing effective advertising messages for print and broadcast media. Emphasis is on craft, writing ability and style. Composition and the integration of graphic elements are explored. Practical assignments teach students how to use the most common copy techniques effectively to create advertising with stopping power.

Intro to Advertising

introtoad_newIntro to Advertising introduces students to the function of advertising in the economy, to the strategic identification of markets and targets, to the creation and placement of advertising, and to the relationship of advertising agencies to advertisers and the media.

Visual Communication

3087825213_aae517c066-150x150Visual Communications develops the intellectual skills necessary for the analysis, understanding and creation of media messages in the many formats of today’s high-density visual environment. Students will be introduced to the syntax, grammar and rhetoric of visual communications.

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking uses team oriented sessions to develop the creative skills necessary for solving advertising problems. A cross discipline approach is utilized and “creatives” from various advertising and non-advertising disciplines participate as guest facilitators and speakers.

Other Ad Dept. Galleries

Diamond Edge Communications (DEC)

DEC is Temple University’s student-run advertising agency. This work was completed for real clients during the last semester or two!

Temple Ad Club

The Temple Ad Club, or TAC, is an organization that serves to promote advertising awareness among the students of Temple University. These designs were created by students in the club for its promotion.


Completing an internship as part of the Advertising course curriculum is an imperative and distinctive mark on a resume for students. This is student work completed while at internships.