The Media and Communication Doctoral Program in Temple University’s School of Media and Communication

Communication is a fascinating and diverse discipline that, when paired with media studies, includes a close examination of the relationships between people and media. Whether you’re interested in the cultural, economic, historical or social-psychological context—or some combination of them—you’ll immerse yourself in the humanities, sciences and other subject areas to earn an advanced, multidisciplinary degree in a dynamic and ever-evolving field.

Temple University’s Doctoral Program in Media and Communication connects a strong media core with intellectual work in the humanities and social sciences and helps you prepare for a career in academia or career paths in consulting, education, finance, government, industry, law, policy or research. As a Media and Communication doctoral student, you’ll work with mentors, participate in faculty research and scholarly publishing, and graduate with a strong foundation in theory and methodology covering several areas of interest, including

  • international communication,
  • new media,
  • communication and gender studies,
  • communication history,
  • media institutions,
  • psychological processing of media, and
  • communication and social change.

You’ll be mentored through an individualized course of study by members of the Media and Communication faculty in one or more concentrations that suit your needs and interests.

Typical Careers

As a graduate of the Media and Communication Doctoral Program, you’ll be well-prepared for a career in academia. Our alumni have also gone on to work at nongovernmental organizations and think tanks, as well as the private sector.