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Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication

By blending content creation, project management, public relations, research and leadership, rhetoric and advocacy, and strategic thinking in one department, the Strategic Communication program offers expertise in new and traditional media, marketing, and campaign management.

Temple University’s Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication is a multidisciplinary program that teaches the analytical thinking, communication skills, problem-solving and research knowledge needed to develop and orchestrate campaigns across a wide range of platforms. With a dual focus on the humanities and the social sciences, the Strategic Communication program mixes practice with research and theory that is represented both in the curriculum and the approach of faculty. You’ll gain strong analytic and performance skills that can be used in a variety of communication contexts and careers where advocacy is the goal, including business, government, law, public policy and public relations.

Our renowned faculty will help you gain access to a diverse community of companies, organizations and professionals to get you started in a career in the industry or on the path to an advanced degree.

Typical Careers

With specialization areas in organizational leadership, rhetoric and public advocacy, and public relations—and a general sequence that allows students to design a personalized course of study—the Strategic Communication Department at Temple prepares students for internships and careers in the following industries, among many others.

  • Public relations
  • Start-up strategic planning
  • Fundraising and event planing
  • Community outreach and development
  • Communication consulting
  • Media relations
  • Corporate strategic planning
  • Campaign manager
  • Copywriting
  • Human resource training and development

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Target Employers

Situated in the media-rich market of Philadelphia, graduates of the School of Media and Communication (SMC) have direct access to some of the largest and most well-respected political, public relations and strategic communication firms in the tristate area.

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Graduate School Placement

Join the more than 200 graduate students who pursue professional and scholarly opportunities in SMC’s five graduate programs, in which they prepare for advanced research and doctoral work, or for careers in communications management, communications policy, media and production.