For the Media

Temple University’s School of Media and Communication is a resource for reporters and bloggers seeking experts in a wide variety of subjects. To schedule an interview with one of our faculty members on this list of experts, please contact us any time.

Shannon Rooney
Director of Marketing and Communications

Faculty Expert List


Brooke Erin Duffy
Assistant Professor
Cultural production, media industries, gender, advertising and consumer culture

Jennifer Freeman
Assistant Professor
Advertising research and strategy

Joe Glennon
Assistant Professor
Advertising, creativity, broadcast production

Sheryl Kantrowitz
Assistant Professor
Interactive media, portfolio and art direction, social media, blogging


Fabienne Darling-Wolf
Associate Professor
Japan, ethnography, globalization, gender issues

Chris Harper
Politics, television, journalism, Middle East, multimedia journalism, history, law, research techniques

Carolyn Kitch
Media history, journalism studies, social memory

Andrew Mendelson
Visual communication, photography and society, journalism education

George Miller
Assistant Professor
Reporting, writing, photojournalism, entrepreneurialism

Laurence Stains
Associate Professor
Magazines, men’s health

Ed Trayes
Photography, publication presentation in print and online, minorities in journalism

Karen M. Turner
Associate Professor
Broadcasting, race studies, new media technologies, journalism pedagogy, media crticism

Francesca Viola
Associate Professor
First Amendment issues in all forms of media, intellectual property issues, ethics in reporting

Media Studies and Production

John Campbell
Assistant Professor
New media, online communities, social-networking sites, online identity, gender and sexuality, political economy of communication, online civic engagement, LGBT community, popular culture, political economy of communication

Sherri Hope Culver
Assistant Professor
Director, Center for Media and Information Literacy
Media management, the media business, children’s media, media literacy

Paul Gluck
Associate Professor
General Manager, TUTV
Television, media, broadcasting, production, management, social media, news, television, radio production, management

Thomas Jacobson
National development, international communication, governance reform, media development

Peter Jaroff
Assistant Professor
TV news production, broadcast news reporting

Jack Klotz
Associate Professor
Music business, popular music, Grammy awards

Matthew Lombard
Associate Professor
Media psychology, research methods, public information campaigns, telepresence, psychological processing of media, persuasion and attitude change, political communication, health communication

Nancy Morris
International media and globalization, Latin America, identity, Chilean folk/protest music

Patrick Murphy
Associate Professor
Media globalization, media and environment, media ethnography, Latin American studies, media and democracy

Hector Postigo
Associate Professor
Video games, information technology, policy, digital media, cultural production

Betsy Leebron Tutelman
Programming and production, media entrepreneurship

Barry Vacker
Associate Professor
Media, technology, cosmology and human destiny; media and apocalyptic culture; utopias-dystopias in media, film, and science

Laura Zaylea
Assistant Professor
New media, production, experimental media, queer media/identity, women and film

Strategic Communication

Deborah A. Cai
Intercultural communication, negotiation, conflict management, persuasion, communication theory

Guillermo G. Caliendo
Assistant Professor
Rhetoric, political discourse, persuasion, social movements, race/ethnicity, gender/sexuality discourse analysis, memory, media analysis

Donnalyn Pompper
Associate Professor
Power, social identity and intersectionalities, masculinity studies, feminist theory, public relations

Cornelius B. Pratt
Ethics, Africa, development communication, international communication, public relations

Jason Del Gandio
Assistant Professor
Rhetoric and philosophy behind social movements

Scott Gratson
Associate Professor
Argumentation and debate, rhetoric, sexuality, LGBT identity/ties, New York City narratives and culture

Tracey Weiss
Assistant Professor
Business leadership, communicating change, teamwork, organizational leadership

Thomas S. Wright
Assistant Professor
Social movements, identity, public speaking, communication theory, persuasion