A student serving as on-camera talent on TUTV.

Master of Arts in Media Studies and Production Four Plus One Program

The Four Plus One program enables Media Studies and Production and Communication Studies undergraduate students to pursue a Master of Arts (MA) in Media Studies and Production in an additional year. During the second semester of junior year, students begin taking graduate courses that will count toward both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. After earning a bachelor degree, students will complete graduate coursework, including two semesters of summer courses, the following year.

Students in the Media Studies and Production MA program deepen their understanding of theory and method to inform production or research. They learn the study of cultural processes of media communication, media industries and technologies, and media networks and organizations. The program is creative and flexible, so students can choose courses that align with their professional and academic goals. It is ideal for students who want become academics, create media, manage production firms, produce, study and critique media or work in law or public policy.