Graduate Checklist


  • Make sure that you have met with your academic advisor at 88+ credit hours and that you are on track for your graduation date. We call this the “grad check.”
  • Ensure that you have completed the mandatory online graduation application in Self-Service Banner. Be sure to confirm the spelling of your name, since this is the way it will appear on your diploma. You won’t want to frame a typo.
    • Click on “Student”
    • Click on “Student Records”
    • Click on “Apply to Graduate”


  • Read ALL of your graduation emails that you receive from the SMC Student Affairs Office via There is important information contained in these messages.
  • Make sure you have completed your mandatory online graduation application the deadline is next month.


  • The mandatory online graduation application is due no later than October 1, 2016.  Please note: If this application is not complete, your diploma will NOT be ordered, you will NOT receive important graduation information (i.e. guest tickets), and your name will NOT appear in the School Graduation program.
  • Remember those emails we asked you to read? One will arrive this month letting you know that the RSVP form is live.  Be sure to RSVP, starting on Monday, October 17, 2016, so you get to experience the pomp and circumstance.
  • Order your regalia from the bookstore. (It’s your cap, tassel, gown, and hood, but we really like the word “regalia.”)
  • At the Bursar’s website, complete your online Exit Interview.
  • Not sure what to do after graduation?  Schedule a Professional Development meeting with Lu Ann Cahn, Director of SMC Career Services, to discuss and develop your post-graduation options.  To schedule an appointment, please visit the SMC Career Center website.



  • Be sure to visit the bookstore to pick up your regalia, if you did not have it shipped to your home. (See, isn’t “regalia” fun to say?)
  • Have you RSVP’d yet for the SMC Graduation Ceremony? The deadline to register is Sunday, November 20, 2016.
  • Pick up your Graduation Package which includes your Graduation Tickets and Special Gift.

Location: Annenberg Hall Atrium
Date & Time: To be Announced

Tickets will NOT be mailed or redistributed.

  • SMC Graduation Ceremony tickets will NOT be redistributed.  Students needing additional tickets are free to ask classmates, who do not need all tickets, to order the maximum and share the extras.  Students need to make these arrangements themselves.
  • Review the information sheet you receive with your tickets detailing the important information you’ll need to know for the graduation ceremony day. It seems like homework, but trust us, it’s important. Share it with your parents and guests.
  • Make sure you do not have a hold on your record through Self-Service Banner. A hold will prevent you from receiving your diploma.


  • You’ve done it! The SMC Graduation Ceremony is Friday, January 13, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the Temple Performing Arts Center (TPAC).  Graduates are asked to arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. to receive their seating assignments and instructions.


  • Seems like it’s been forever since your last final, right? Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address 6-8 weeks after the diploma date if you are academically cleared and have no holds on your record. Email if it has not arrived within 8 weeks or if there is an issue with your diploma.
  • Check out all of the benefits of being a part of Temple’s Alumni by visiting their website!