Welcome to the internship information center for Temple University’s Department of Journalism. This page is designed to answer all of your questions about the department’s internship program: who can sign up; how to sign up; what kinds of internships are available and how employers can participate.

Employers should send a job description and contact information and Professor Maida Odom will (in most circumstances) post the information to our listserv.  Students will contact employers directly.  Intern selection decisions are left to employers; students’ work hours should be agreed upon between the intern and supervisor.

Questions should be directed to Professor Maida Odom at and she should be contacted if any problems arise.

Steps to Enrolling in an Internship Program

  1. Read the Internship FAQs

  2. Meet the Requirements

    In order to accept a Department of Journalism sponsored internship you should be a junior, senior or graduate student majoring in Journalism. A GPA of 3.0 or higher also is required in most cases.

  3. Meet With Internship Director Prof. Maida Odom.

    Prof. Odom will help you find and apply for the internship that is right for you. Contact her at to set up an appointment.