All students who declared their major in Fall 2013 or after are required to complete the Journalism Department’s new curriculum. Students who declared their major prior to the Fall 2013 semester follow previous curricula.

Journalism students are welcome to meet with their faculty advisors and with advisors in the SMC Advising Center. Freshmen students and first-semester transfer students must meet with advisers in the SMC Advising Center. Please call 215-204-5273 or stop in Annenberg Hall 9 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Who Is My Faculty Advisor?

Students see a faculty advisor based on their journalism sequence/specialization once they have taken more than 30 credits total (at Temple or through transfer).

Arts and Music Journalism:
Profs. Brian Creech and George Miller

Broadcast Journalism:
Profs. Karen Turner and Fran Viola

International Journalism:
Profs. Fabienne Darling-Wolf, Sherry Yu and Chris Harper

Journalism Studies:
Profs. Brian Creech, Fabienne Darling-Wolf and Carolyn Kitch

Long-form Journalism:
Profs. Chris Harper, George Miller, Larry Stains and Lori Tharps

Magazine Journalism:
Profs. Carolyn Kitch, Larry Stains and Lori Tharps

News Editing/ News Editorial:
Profs. Logan Molyneux, Maida Odom, Ed Trayes and Linn Washington

News Management/Entrepreneurialism:
Profs. Magda Konieczna, George Miller and Larry Stains

Profs. George Miller and Ed Trayes

Public Affairs Journalism:
Profs. Chris Harper, George Miller, Maida Odom and Linn Washington

Sports Journalism:
Prof. George Miller

Profs. Brian Creech, Carolyn Kitch, and Lori Tharps

Visual Journalism:
Profs. Fabienne Darling-Wolf, Carolyn Kitch, Larry Stains and Ed Trayes

What Can My Faculty Advisor Help Me With?

Your faculty advisor can help you with course selection, career advice and portfolio critique. BUT if you are a first-semester transfer student or a freshman student, you should see the SMC advisors in the Advising Center.

When Do I Need to See SMC Advisors in the Advising Center?

Freshmen students and first-term transfer students must meet with advisors in the SMC Advising Center. Our advisers, Kathy, Justin, Mary Beth, Patrick, Jane and Brian, make sure that our students are on the right track, and are taking the appropriate courses for their majors. Journalism students should also make an appointment to see the SCT Advisors for a graduation check two semesters before they plan to graduate. Download a Graduation Check form (PDF).

What If I Need to Petition to Substitute a Course?

In special cases, students may petition the department to substitute one required course for another, or to exempt themselves from a required course. On rare occasions, the department will grant a course petition to a student. Students can download and complete a petition form (PDF).

What are the Requirements for Journalism Majors?

Core requirements for all students and course requirements for each sequence within the Journalism Department are available in the following Requirements Checksheets. If you declared your major…

What are the major’s Areas of Specialization?

There are various Areas of Specialization available within the Journalism major. They are listed below, and a list of applicable courses for each Area can be found here.

  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Magazine Journalism
  • Public Affairs Journalism
  • News Management/Entrepreneurship
  • Journalism Studies Emphasis
  • International Journalism
  • Arts & Music Journalism
  • Sports Journalism
  • Visual Journalism
  • News Editing
  • Long-form Journalism

Is There a Timeline for When I Should Take My Journalism Classes?

Students who enter Temple as Freshmen and students who enter Temple as transfer students will have slightly different timelines. Scroll to the bottom of the Undergraduate Bulletin page to see a detailed timeline for a four-year student. The suggested timeline for a transfer student can be found below:

Suggested Timeline for Two-Year Transfer Students

Year 1 Fall Semester
JOU 1111 – Journalism and Society
JOU 1196 Writing for Journalism
Year 1 Spring Semester
JOU 1113 – Audio-Visual Newsgathering
JOU 1114 – Design for Journalists
Year 1 Summer Semester
JOU 2101 – Journalism Research
Journalism Sequence Course
Year 2 Fall Semester
Journalism Sequence Course
Journalism Sequence Elective
Year 2 Spring Semester
JOUR 4196 – MURL
OR Journalism Sequence Course
JOU 3101 Journalism and the Law
Year 2 Summer Semester
JOUR 4196 – MURL
OR Journalism Sequence Course

For more information, find Department of Journalism course descriptions on Self Service Banner or download up-to-date class syllabi.

What Are the Requirements to Register for

Journalism students interested in enrolling in the (JOU 4196) must have completed all of the following courses. Please note that most students may choose whether to take during their first or second semester as a senior.

  • JOU 1101 Elements of Writing
  • JOU 1111 Journalism and Society
  • JOU 1196 Writing for Journalism
  • JOU 1113 Audio/Video Newsgathering
  • JOU 1114 Design for Journalists
  • JOU 2101 Journalism Research
  • JOU3601 Multimedia Storytelling