More than 200 graduate students pursue professional and scholarly opportunities in the five graduate programs in Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication (Klein College). Each of those programs prepares students for myriad careers in academia, communication management, communication policy, media, production and research in arts and community groups, governmental and educational institutions, major corporations, media industries, professional associations, and much more.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Media and Communication

This interdisciplinary PhD program integrates a strong media core in intellectual work in the social sciences and the humanities to help you prepare for an academic career in research, consulting, finance, government, industry, law, policy or teaching. As a graduate student of Media and Communication, you’ll participate in faculty research and publications, work with mentors, and earn your doctoral degree with a strong foundation in both theory and methodology.

Master of Arts in Media Studies and Production

This program is a truly flexible, two-year graduate degree program for those who want to pursue their passions for media and production at one of the nation’s leading research institutions. As a student, you’ll be immersed in subjects like media industries, networks and technologies, and social and cultural processes of communication. You’ll also be able to complete internships and professional media training, or apply for the PhD in Media and Communication program.

Master of Journalism

By focusing on a multimedia and multi-platform approach, this graduate journalism program provides you with an advanced understanding of reporting, writing, editing, new media, ethics and law, and helps current and aspiring journalists develop into engaged and innovative professionals. Whether a full- or a part-time graduate student, you’ll have the benefits of experienced instructors, small classes and a nationally accredited department at one of the leading research institutions in the country. Students may pursue professional media training and internships, and consider applying for the PhD in Media and Communication program.

Master of Science in Communication Management

Students learn to apply and manage strategic communication as a part of a leadership team. Using advanced skills in issues management, problem-solving and research, you’ll gain relevant management and communication skills to build effective relationships among all types of organizations and their markets. You also might consider applying to the PhD in Media and Communication program.

Master of Science in Globalization and Development Communication

This unique, one-year graduate program immerses students in 30 hours of intensive course work on development communication theory and research methods, in addition to the application of campaign design, evaluation, new and emerging technologies, participatory communication and project management, as well as an of area specialization.