About Us

Welcome to the web home of the Media and Communication (M&C) doctoral program at Temple University, an interdisciplinary program based in the School of Media and Communication.

Our faculty and students conduct communication research on a wide range of topics, especially in the areas of globalization, new media, cultural studies and media effects. Our award-winning faculty members, drawn from all four academic departments in the School, are active scholars with international reputations. Our students regularly present their research at communication and other conferences, publish their work in respected journals and win national awards for graduate-student teaching.

For nearly 25 years (and more than 30 including its earlier incarnations), our program based in Philadelphia – a multicultural city and the nation’s #4 media market – has prepared students for academic careers in teaching and research. Today, more than 150 of our alumni hold positions as faculty, administrators and communication policy researchers across the world. We invite you to find out more about their experiences and about our program’s possibilities.

Name Change

Until December 11, 2012, our program was named “Mass Media & Communication (MM&C).” On that date, the Temple University Board of Trustees approved our request to change our name to Media & Communication (M&C).

Why the change? In addition to avoiding confusion with the recently changed name of the School, since the program was established in the early 1990s the focus of its curriculum and the scholarship conducted by its faculty and students has broadened far beyond “mass” media to include interpersonal media including the internet, social media, video games, virtual and augmented reality, etc. (and of course doesn’t always involve technology-mediated communication at all). So the new name, Media & Communication, reflects this change and more accurately reflects what we do. In the days and weeks ahead the name change will be reflected throughout the university’s online communications.