History of the M&C Program

Prior to 1990, what is now Media & Communication was one of three doctoral level ‘tracks’ in the School of Communications and Theater (SCT), which is now the School of Media and Communication (SMC); the track was titled Mass Media & Communication (MM&C) and the other tracks were Rhetoric & Communication (R&C) and Speech/Language/Hearing (SLH). That fall the track became a separate program, originally offering both masters and doctoral degrees. When SCT was reorganized in 1995, MM&C became a doctoral program only. In December 2012, MM&C became M&C when the word “Mass” was removed from the title to better reflect the program’s focus and to match the name of the newly realigned School of Media & Communication. M&C is the only doctoral program offered by SMC.

The directors of M&C (formerly MM&C) from its inception are listed below.


Name (note)

1990 – 1994Tom Gordon (on leave Spring 1993 – acting director Sari Thomas)
1994 – 1996Sari Thomas
1996 – 1999Priscilla Murphy
2000 – 2001Nancy Morris
2001 – 2004Matthew Lombard
2004 – 2005Renee Hobbs & Zizi Papacharissi
2005 – 2010Carolyn Kitch
2010 – presentMatthew Lombard

Over the years many impressive scholars have served as members of the MM&C faculty.



Jeanne Allen1991-1992
Nora Alter2009-2012
Undrahbuyan Baasanjav2009-
Carl Botan2003-2004
Pat Bradley1996-1997, 2000-2002
Bonnie Brennen2004-2006
Chris Cagle2010-2012
Deborah Cai2009-
John Edward Campbell2009-
Roderick Coover2004-2005, 2009-2012
Brian Creech2014-
Fabienne Darling-Wolf2002-
Herb Dordick1990-1992, 1993-1994
Brooke E. Duffy2011-
Tom Eveslage1993-1996
Jan Fernback2000-
George Gerbner1997-1999
Tom Gordon1990-1997
Renee Hobbs2003-2011
Lance Holbert2014-
Stewart Hoover1989-1991
Susan Jacobson2011-2013
Tom Jacobson2004-
Carolyn Kitch1999-
Jerry Knudson1991-1992, 1993-1994
Lauren Kogen2014-
Heather LaMarre2013-
John Lent1990-
Tony Liao2014-
Matthew Lombard1994-
Rich Luker1989-1990
Jim Marra1993-1994
Michael Maynard1996-
Andrew Mendelson2000-2014
Nancy Morris1999-
Patrick Murphy2009-
Priscilla Murphy1992-2012
Tom Nakayama2004-2005
Wazhmah Osman2013-
Zizi Papacharissi2002-2007
Donnalyn Pompper2007-
Hector Postigo2008-
Cornelius B. Pratt2007-2011
Jeff Rush1991-1992
Michael Ryan2008-2009
Timo Saari2007-2011
Adrienne Shaw2012-
Concetta Stewart1994-2001, 2002-2004 (Ex officio)
Paul Swann1991-1995
Sari Thomas1990-2001
Alan Wells1991-1992, 2000-2001
Dave Womack1991-1999
Kaibin Xu2011-
Sherry S. Yu2014-
Barbie Zelizer1995-1996