Timeline of the Typical Academic Job Search Process

Fall prior to starting the position

  1. Consult with your academic advisor
  2. Start (and keep) looking for position announcements
  3. Regularly check venues including but not limited to:
    • Chronicle of Higher Education
    • CRTNET (Communication Research and Theory Network)
    • MC listserv
    • Newsletters and web sites of major communication organizations:
      • ICA (International Communication Association)
      • NCA (National Communication Association)
      • AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication)
      • BEA (Broadcast Education Association)
    • Newsletters and web sites of other organizations in your area of interest
  4. Apply to appropriate positions
  5. Develop ‘job talk’ draft

Spring prior to starting the position

  1. Participate in telephone interviews for positions as search committees develop their ‘short lists’
  2. Participate in ‘flyback’ job interviews:
    • Work out visit dates
    • Receive itinerary, tickets
    • Stay 1-2 days (in hotel); activities include:
      • Research presentation (‘job talk’)
      • Separate meeting with faculty members, chair, dean
      • Guest lecture in a class
      • Meeting(s) with students
      • Meals with various faculty and students
      • Campus tour
      • Real estate tour
  3. Wait for notification of decision(s)
  4. Receive one or more offers
  5. Negotiate regarding salary, lab space/equipment/funding and other issues
  6. Defend dissertation, make revisions, graduate!
  7. Accept official offer in writing