M&C Faculty & Staff

The M&C faculty is an active community of publishing scholars who have a commitment to graduate study, and who, together, provide expertise across many aspects of communication.


Geoffrey BaymGeoffrey Baym, Professor
Ph.D., University of Utah
television news, public discourse, and public affairs media, with particular interest in emergent genres and forms; communication theory and qualitative textual analysis
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Deborah CaiDeborah Cai, Professor
Ph.D., Michigan State University
intercultural communication, persuasion, and negotiation and conflict management, with particular interest in international negotiation as a specific context of persuasive activity within organizations
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Brian CreechBrian Creech, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Georgia
poststructural theory, critical and cultural studies, with a particular focus on journalism and technology, democratic communication, and international violence
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Fabienne Darling-WolfFabienne Darling-Wolf, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Iowa
critical and cultural analysis, international communication with an emphasis on Japan, new media, gender studies
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Jan Fernback, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Colorado
new media, cybercommunity, media institutions
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Edward FinkEdward Fink, Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisonsin-Madison
communication theory and modeling, cognitive processes and persuasion and social influence, quantitative research methods & statistics, intercultural communication, communication networks
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Bruce HardyBruce Hardy, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
political, science, and health communication; knowledge acquisition, opinion formation, and behavior; emergent technologies and society; and advanced research methods
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Lance HolbertLance Holbert, Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison
political communication, with particular focus given to the persuasive influence of entertainment media within democratic frameworks
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Tom JacobsonTom Jacobson, Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington
social change in developing nations, political participation, new information technologies
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Tricia JonesTricia Jones, Professor
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
conflict management and dispute resolution, organizational communication and change, intercultural and interpersonal communication
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Carolyn KitchCarolyn Kitch, Professor
Ph.D., Temple University
communication history, magazine industry, gender studies, American studies
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Lauren KogenLauren Kogen, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
role of media in development and in conflict-affected regions, media coverage of crises and conflicts and monitoring and evaluation of media for development projects
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Magda KoniecznaMagda Konieczna, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
journalism and democracy, future of news, nonprofit news organizations
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Heather LaMarreHeather LaMarre, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Ohio State University
role emergent and alternative media play in shaping attitudes, opinions, and behaviors among key publics
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Matthew LombardMatthew Lombard, Associate Professor
M&C Director
Ph.D., Stanford University
psychological processing of media, (tele)presence
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Michael MaynardMichael Maynard, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Rutgers University
advertising, international communication, text analysis
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Logan Molyneux, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
digital journalism, mobile media, social media, journalism and technology, civic participation, political participation
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Nancy MorrisNancy Morris, Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
international communication with an emphasis on Latin America, globalization, identity
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Patrick MurphyPatrick Murphy, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Ohio University
media and globalization with emphasis on Latin America, media and the environment, media ethnography
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Wazhmah OsmanWazhmah Osman, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., New York University
visual culture and film, media and the war on terror, Afghan media, women’s rights, gender and sexuality, religion, ethnicity and identity
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Donnalyn PompperDonnalyn Pompper, Professor
Ph.D., Temple University
public relations, social identity intersectionalities  1) in organizations and 2) in mass media representations, crisis communication, environmental risk
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Hector PostigoHector Postigo, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
social movements and use of digital technologies, hacking culture, video game culture and political economy of new media
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Cornelius PrattCornelius Pratt, Professor
Ph.D., University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
sustainable development in emerging economies, global communication, organizational and business ethics, public health
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Adrienne ShawAdrienne Shaw, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
video game studies, popular culture, cultural studies, qualitative research, feminist and queer theory, and media representation of marginalized groups
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Sherry YuSherry Yu, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Simon Fraser University
ethnic news media with particular interest in cultural literacy and civic engagement in multicultural society
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Other Graduate Faculty members in the School of Media and Communication and throughout the University often teach and participate in the research supervision of M&C doctoral students. Please consult the Temple University Graduate Bulletin for a complete faculty listing.

M&C Staff

Nicole McKennaNicole McKenna
Director – Graduate Office
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Caitlin GambleCaitlin Gamble
Assistant Director – Graduate Office
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