Application for M&C Faculty Membership

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What is M&C?

M&C is the doctoral program of the School of Media and Communication at Temple University. Its faculty prepare advanced graduate students to contribute to theory and research in the field of communication, with an emphasis on mediated communication.

What do M&C faculty do?

M&C faculty administer the program and advise, teach and work with the doctoral students while pursuing their own research and scholarship. M&C faculty with less than two years of full-time teaching experience are protected from taking on major administrative, advising, and teaching responsibilities in the program. Untenured M&C faculty are expected to fulfill fewer service obligations.

Why is there an application to be on the M&C faculty?

To provide its students with the necessary training and opportunities for collaborative research and to build a positive reputation within Temple and beyond, the M&C faculty members need to be active scholars, so every year all eligible faculty in the School (including all those who are currently M&C faculty) are asked to apply to be members for the following year.

What are the criteria for membership?

All full-time faculty members in SMC with tenure-track appointments who have a Ph.D. are eligible to apply. M&C faculty members have to have authored or co-authored either 1) two scholarly, blind peer-reviewed publications on M&C-relevant subjects, 2) three scholarly, (blind or non blind) peer-reviewed publications on M&C-relevant subjects, or 3) one scholarly blind peer-reviewed book (not an edited volume) on M&C relevant subjects within the previous 5 years.

Where can I find out more?

For more information about M&C, please explore this web site and/or subscribe to the MC listserv.

Where can I apply for faculty membership?

Just fill out the short form below. If you have questions or problems, please send e-mail to the current M&C director at

Application Form

  • Highest degree earned: Ph.D.
  • Indicate clearly which of the publications are BLIND peer-reviewed and NON-BLIND peer reviewed; the membership criteria are above); DO NOT INCLUDE PUBLICATIONS MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD


    In the last year...
  • This includes regular attendance at faculty meetings, productive service and active contribution to standing administrative committees, etc.
  • This includes teaching M&C courses, supervising and collaborating on student research projects, serving on students' preliminary examination and dissertation committees, advising students, etc.
  • These include the SMC Graduate Research Forum, dissertation project presentations and M&C social events.
  • No worries if you haven't, but please do when possible!