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As the news, information and entertainment media industries rapidly evolve and sometimes converge, it is an exciting time to study the production of media messages and products and their many roles in our lives.

Through the study of critical media theory and advanced production techniques, MSP students learn to create and analyze media in all forms. Students also expand and renew their perspectives as media issues and environments evolve. The curriculum explores media uses and practices for an array of purposes: creative expression, entertainment, storytelling, education, community engagement, social policy, and media criticism.

The dynamic mix of MSP courses prepares students for careers in rapidly changing communications fields such as television and radio, the recording industry, emergent media (online, mobile, games), organizational management, telecommunications, media analysis, research and consulting, and much more. Beyond gaining skills, students learn how to learn in order to become future leaders in media industries, especially as media creators, managers, designers, programmers, researchers, strategists, policymakers, or activists.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Media Studies and Production is to prepare students to become responsible communicators as they create, critique and analyze media content designed for audiences in a global society.

The media content includes commercial and corporate media presentations in genres including information (news and documentary), music, comedy, sports, drama, and persuasion, and is distributed nationally and internationally via mass and personal electronic media including radio and television and audio recording media, the Internet, DVDs, and more.

The media institutions we train students for create (e.g., production studios), distribute (e.g., television and radio networks) and analyze (e.g., audience measurement companies) media products. MSP students reflect on media content and institutions – think about them purposefully and critically – and analyze them systematically via formal research tools such as participant observation, interviews, surveys, experiments, and content analysis.

We prepare students to act responsibly and apply high ethical standards as they interact with the world both in careers in media institutions and as citizens.

A secondary goal of the department is to have a positive impact on current and future professional media creation and analysis. Our students develop both the technical and critical skills to create high quality and meaningful media products, respond appropriately to ethically challenging dilemmas in the professional world, and to thoughtfully evaluate the media products and patterns they encounter as consumers and citizens.

Our Curriculum

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The Department of Media Studies and Production expands students’ knowledge and skills to create, evaluate, and manage media content and organizations. With the urban and global communities as their living laboratories, students draw on their creativity, entrepreneurship, intellectual curiosity and analytical abilities to navigate digital media in our global society.

Theory and practice are integrated into all areas of study in the major. MSP students learn how to produce, evaluate and manage media content for traditional and emerging media in a variety of genres, including information (news and documentary), music, comedy, sports, drama, and commercial and noncommercial persuasion campaigns. They study institutions that create, distribute and investigate media products (e.g., production studios, television and radio networks, and audience measurement companies) and learn how to create and operate successful media businesses.

MSP students learn to think purposefully and critically about media, and examine media roles in history, culture and society from many perspectives. They also learn how to act ethically as they interact with the world both in careers in media institutions and as media consuming and producing citizens.

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