MSP Students

The Department of Media Studies and Production (MSP) offers undergraduate and graduate (master’s) degree programs. Both undergraduate and graduate students can take courses at Temple’s international campuses.

Undergraduate Program

The core of the Department of Media Studies and Production is its undergraduate program. Through a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on experience, the MSP degree candidate will be uniquely prepared with the skills and understanding needed to have a successful career in today’s rapidly growing communications fields.

In addition to taking three foundation courses, students choose courses from four professional option areas of media/ communication:

  • Media Production
  • Media Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Media Analysis
  • Emergent Media

Near the end of their course work, students complete an internship at a media-related institution off campus, or a practicum on campus. Students also complete the career preparation course Senior Seminar.

Graduate Program

The Master of Arts program in the Department of Media Studies and Production provides graduate students with both professional and scholarly opportunities in the following areas of study:

  • Media Production and Business
  • Communication Scholarship

The M.A. degree prepares students for doctoral work or for careers in media, new media, or telecommunications policy, management, and production.

Learn more about the Media & Communication Doctoral program in the School of Media and Communication. For information on scholarly conference venues for MSP students click here.