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Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission into the Media Studies and Production (MSP) undergraduate program will be considered directly from high school or as transfer students from other college programs at any time during the year.

Applicants for the Media Studies and Production undergraduate degree program don’t need to have any background or experience in communication studies or media studies. We seek students with the general academic preparation, interest and enthusiasm needed to take advantage of the program.

For detailed information about requirements for admission, please visit the Admission Guidelines page of Temple’s Undergraduate Admissions Office website.

How To Apply

You can apply for admission to Temple University and the Media Studies and Production department  either online or with a hard copy application. You can also contact Temple’s Undergraduate Admissions Office via phone at (215) 204-7200.

If you have a question about the admissions process, please contact the Admissions Office. If you have a question about SMC or the transfer of credits in the major, please contact Academic Advising. If you have a question about the MSP Department, please contact a member of the MSP Recruiting Committee:

Graduate Admission Requirements

Information about many aspects of graduate study at Temple, including the application process, financial aid, housing, libraries, and more, is available from the Graduate School. The Graduate School can also be reached by telephone at (215) 204-1380, or by fax at (215) 204-8781.

For more information on applying to the MSP Masters program, visit the Graduate Admissions page.