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MSP Awards

MSP students and Comm Studies/Communication Majors may enter papers and production work completed for any MSP course from last summer, last fall and this spring. Applications can be picked up outside the MSP Office in Annenberg 205.

Please email entry forms and/or questions to

Winners 2016 MSP Awards and Scholarships

Best Sports Package

3rd place – Beccah Hendrickson – Temple Loss Ends College Career for Seniors

2nd place – Tracy Yatsko – On the Mend

1st place – Duncan Brady – Temple Crew

Best Long Form Script

3rd place – Sasha Brown for Katana Blaze

2nd place – Christi Ann Sergio for Night & Day

1st place – Adjuncts by Dan Kurtz

Best Audio Production

3rd place – Sophia D’Angelo – Audio Voxpop/Documentary – Do You Explore?

2nd place – Brian Ziff – ADD PSA

1st place – Ben Collins, Kristina Stidham, Courtney Turnbull – The Promise

Best Website

2nd place – Breanna Fletcher, Anthony Fletcher, James Kenvin, Amans Mitchell, Lauren Tran, Yasmine Shelton – In Between

1st place – Jeseamy Muentes, Pariss Briggs, Eve Siconolfi – Temple Update

 Best Research Paper

3rd place – Rhys Sandberg – Video Games and Their Place in Elementary Education

2nd place – Rebecca Rose – Disney Channel Portrayals of the Normal Girl

1st place – Eli LaBan – Antropofagia: Cultural Cannibalism and the Tropicalia Movement in Brazil

Best Music Production

3rd place – Dylan Sitts – Song Demo #2

2nd place – Robert Fischer – “I’ve Been All Around This World”

1st place – Akasha Maples – Vinyl Brand New

Best Feature/News Package

3rd place – Melissa Steininger, Ben Otte, Phil DuPont – Groundbreaking Library

2nd place – Spencer Trabbold and Phil Dupont – The Stadium Stompers

1st place – Kelly Antonacci – Temple Flight Problems

Student Scholarships 

Justin Shronk Award – Eli LaBan

Chuck & Elaine Sherman Scholarship – Cassandra Semyon

Steven Collins Memorial Scholarship – Dan Ray

Harry A. Lieberman Scholarship – Jada Dale

Howard Rice Award – Mikhail Kaba

Faculty Scholarships – Alex Petyerak, Sarah Shields, Alyssa Jerome, Joselyn Castro, Christi Sergio, Lexi Sirkin, Rachel DeCresci, Steven Jones and Brendan Mills

Rick Beardsley Award – Beccah Hendrickson

Best Studio/On Location

3rd place – Matt Rhule Weekly December 8th – John Sabino, Kayleaha Lutz, Tommy Sladek, Zach Gelb, Ben Otte

2nd place – OwlSports Update April 14th – Ryan Langton, Jon DiMuzio, Kate Bullock, Rob Arciero, Emily Milliron

1st place – Temple Update April 14th – Melissa Steininger, Joe McHugh, Spencer Trabbold, Phil Dupont, Beccah Hendrickson, Kylie Winkler, Rocco DiSangro, Alyssa Jerome

Best Media Analysis/Critique

3rd place – Katherine Helen Dawson – One Dog, Two Continents: Hairy Humor Across Hemispheres

2nd place – Alexandra Angela – Showing Too much “Skins”

1st place – Leah Jane Maher – Shameless in the UK and US

Best Emergent Media

3rd place – Tyler Hunt, Angela Montoni, Julius Morgan, Dalena Nguyen, Evan Prince – Philly Haunts – An Augmented Reality Book

2nd place – Adam Baker, Keri Hoovler, Nick Kelly, Eric Mohrman – Chased

1st place – Amanda Kijak, Emma Malefakis, Dornella Johnson, Amanda Arnold – As the Curtain Closes

Best Video Editing Production

3rd place – Ben Otte – TUTV Pope Sizzle Reel

2nd place – Eli Laban – Breaking the Wall: The Next Generation of South African Sound

1st place – Sophia D’Angelo – A Limitless Adventure

Best Package Script

3rd place – Kelly Antonacci – Habitat

2nd place – Sarah Shields – Pro Day

1st place – Beccah Hendrickson – Temple Fights for State Funding

Best Critical Video

3rd place – Sarah Lehman and Job Jackson – Trash Day

2nd place – Katelyn Oatman and Emelyn Cormier – Social Commentary: The Art of Using Memes to Speak Louder than Words

1st place – Christina Betz, Dan Kurtz, John Tarquinio, Jesse Roehrer – Superfundland

Best Business Plan

1st place – Norman Scott for Novum Social

Best Long Form/Documentary

3rd place – Brianna Fletcher, Anthony Fletcher, James Kenvin, Amaris Mitchell, Lauren Tran, Yasmine Shelton – In Between

2nd place – Brendan Mills, Vincent Ross, Michael Sharkey – Together We Run

1st place – Eli LaBan – Breaking the Wall


Winners 2015 MSP Awards

Best Sports Package

3rd place – Ben Otte & Chase Senior — Temple vs. Memphis AAC Tournament Preview

2nd place – Lizette Salomon, Caitlin Feeney and Keenan O’Connell – We Can Swim

1st place – Chase Senior – Shooting Woes Doom Temple in NIT

Best Audio Production

3rd place – Tracy Yatsko – Triumph Over Trauma

2nd place – James Kevin Montague – Cloud Coffee Commuters

1st place – Akasha Maples & Isiah Gaymon – Kids Corner Project

Best Website

3rd place – Ben Nguyen

2nd place – David Petrozziello

1st place – Ben Otte & Wes Kaminsky

Best Research Paper

3rd place – Taylor Ann Plunkett-Clements – Disney Tweens Are a Hegemonic Dream

2nd place – Kevin P. Cook – Dungeons, Dragons & Moral Panic

1st place – Sofia Pignitor – Bright Young Things

Best Music Production

3rd place – Lisa Mermelstein, Evan Price & Jacqueline Ricciardi – Sunday Morning

2nd place – Andrew Bodogh – Turtledove

1st place – David Skovron Jr. – Squid Brothers’ Funky Reggae Party

Best Feature/News Package

3rd place – Liana Daywalt – It’s Road Safety, Not Rocket Science

2nd place – Phil Dupont —  New PA Tax Proposal

1st place – Chris Williams – 3D Surveillance Cameras

Student Scholarships (in this order)

Rick Beardsley Award

Justin Shronk Award

Chuck & Elaine Sherman Scholarship

Steven Collins Memorial Scholarship

Harry A. Lieberman Scholarship

Stephen E. Eisenthal Memorial Award

Alexander Magid Scholarship

Howard Rice Award

Faculty Scholarships

Best Studio/On Location

3rd place – Melissa Steininger – Temple Update Feb. 26th, 2015

2nd place – Ibrahim Jacobs, Jon Yacovelli, Carly Mascitti, Dan Marcel & Kevin Otte – OwlSports Update October 9th, 2014

1st place – Nic Cutrona, Melissa Steininger, Phil Dupont & Beccah Hendrickson – Temple Update April 9th, 2015

Best Media Analysis/Critique

3rd place – Luis Lopez Zamundio – Betty in Colombia & Germany

2nd place – Christina Betz — Are We Entering the Event Horizon? A critical Analysis of the Portrayal of Space, Technology and Human Destiny in 21st Century Films

1st place – Akasha Maples – Pretty Hurts

Best New Media Production

3rd place – Ben Nguyen – The Artists

2nd place –  Jenny Choi – Those Moments

1st place – Alicia Cassey – Non-Stop Temple

Best Video Editing Production

3rd place – Alex Petyerak – Temple Tonight

2nd place – Eli LaBan, Amber Jones, Joe McHugh, Devin McDonnell —  Noising Out

1st place – Angie Alpizar, Nat Margolis, Bruce Lord, Richard Konowal Jr. – Inherently Funny: A Story of Standup

Best Script

3rd place – Ross Weisman – The Baudrillard Zone

2nd place – Taylor Ann Plunkett-Clements – Make Good Choices

1st place – Steve Lipman – Untitled Screenplay

Best Critical Video

3rd place – Dorian Garbutt & Leon Pearl – Media Dealers

2nd place – Ross Weisman, Hayley D’Amiko and Kacie Ricciotti – The Baudrillard Zone

1st place – Alisha Zafar – If It Ends

Best Business Plan

2nd place – Leann Scrimmager – Voyant Entertainment – Voyant Entertainment

1st place – Rachael Friedman – The Panic Hour

Best Long Form/Documentary

3rd place – Grace Chimel – Homeless

2nd place – Angie Alpizar, Nat Margolis, Bruce Lord, Richard Konowal Jr. – Inherently Funny: A Story of Standup

1st place – Lorian Thompson, Regan Falk, Michael Vizzoni, Josh Kaeser – Confinement

2014 MSP Awards Winners

Best Sports Package

3rd place – Grace Chimel, Debra Leaskey and Shane Siminitus – Powerlifting Club
2nd place – Rebeccah Hendrickson and Kevin Otte – Rowing the Storm
1st place – Carly Mascitti and Kevin Otte – Enlisted: Temple Football Takes on ROTC Training

Best Audio Production

3rd place – James Kevin Montague – Cabela’s
2nd place – Joey Contino – The North Philly Mistake
1st place – Thomas Ringe – Arab Spring

Best Website
3rd place – Seth Wozniak –
2nd place – Michael Busza –
1st place – Alyssa Cassium – Youth Two Knew: An Inside Look

Best Research Paper
3rd place – Gina Everett – Kid Tested, Mother Approved: Kids, Cartoons and Food Advertising
2nd place – Bobby Mercadante  – An Illusion of Power
1st place – Ndidi Obasi – Mao In Malawi: How CCTV Is Using The Airwaves to Influence Public Opinion in Africa

Best Feature/News Package
3rd place – Grace Chimel, Alia Bellamy-Dixon, Kaitlin MacQueen — T-Ball at the PAYSA
2nd place – Seth Wozniak – Hockey Fights Cancer
1st place – Rebeccah Hendrickson – Title IX Investigation

Best Music Production

3rd place — Thomas Ringe — All of You
2nd place — Matthew Lilly — Brain Demonz
1st place — Selina Carrera — 20/20 Remix

Best Studio/On Location Production
3rd place — Space Station LIVE (Karina Cheung, Nic Cutrona, Nick Lucier)
2nd place – Owl Sports Update (Brendan Curry, Ibrahim Jacobs, Kaitlyn Hemsley, Kevin Otte, Chase Senior and Rich Fogel)
1st place – Temple Update Show 8 (Jackie Corbett, Mariana Zimmerman, Alia Dixon)

Best New Media Production
3rd place – Jia Hao – Work Flow of Production Department in Advertising Agencies
2nd place – Richard Li – A Day, A Choice, A Life
1st place — Matthew Lilly – Brain Demonz

Best Video Editing
3rd place – Matthew Lilly — Brain Demonz
2nd place – Jen Parmer and Michael Busza – One of the Guys – Clue Clues
1st place – Robert Joseph Gentile — London 2013 – Time Lapse

Best Media Analysis/Critique

3rd place – James Stankunas — “So Hard to Say in LGBT Young Adult Literature”
2nd place — Blake Morgan-Gamber and Jonathan Kaeser — “The Local Village: Restructuring models of the Lost World to Realize a Personalized Utopian Vision in the New World”
1st place — Kristopher Castro — “A Place for Queerness in Children’s Programming: A Case Study Using Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”

Best Script
3rd place – Connor  Kline – Partners
2nd place — Gabrielle Rosinski-Castro – Strings
1st place — Brendan Curry – The Listener

Best Critical Video
3rd – Rebeccah Hendrickson — Mirrors
2nd place — Blake Morgan-Gamber and Jonathan Kaeser — Losing Connection
1st place — Rhiannon Wright – Girl vs. Girl.0

Best Business Plan

1st place – James Stankunas – The James Lamar Marketing Campaign

Best Long Form
3rd place — Michael Busza — One of the Guys: Operation Fat Lady
2nd place — Max Scholnick, Rob Gentile and Ryan Baldwin — Let’s Build It!
1st place — Chris Williams — Hello My Name Is Athlete

 Past Winners

Best Sports Package
1st place – Luis Cruz, John Petrini & Adam DeLucia – Sterling Makes Champions

2nd place – Johnny Mehler & Ankit Patel – Anthony Lee Profile

3rd place – Lindsey Bitler & Paul Bruno – Rollouts & Temple Traditions

Best Audio Production
1st place – Regina Medeiros & Samuel Higgins – All in All, It’s Just
2nd place – Todd Shaeffer – PSA: Strangers (CD)
3rd place – Mihir Patel – Ambler Commercial

Best Website

1st place – Kevin Otte –
2nd place – Brett Statman –
3rd place – Zach Fedor –

Best Research Paper
1st place – Kaitlin Lavinder – Product Placement is Old News
2nd place – Zach Fedor – Intellectual Property Defined: The Problem with Modern Copyright and Patent Laws

Best Feature/News Package
1st place – Lindsay Keeler & Matt Repino – Battle for the Budget

2nd place – Megan McNerney – Philadelphia Mayoral Election

3rd place – Alexandra Gallo & Ankit Patel – Touchdown Toss

Best Music Production
1st place – Kara Koser – Novacaine
2nd place – Jeff Sarafinas – Call You Mine (CD)
3rd place – Matt Pasquinucci – Bridges by Mr. Surgeon General (CD)

Best Studio/On Location Production
1st Place – OwlSports Update (produced by Lauren Dowd and Stanley Wielosik)
2nd place – Temple Update (produced by Isabel Garcia, Matt Repino, Megan McNerney, Luis Cruz, Dana Stemrich, Antoine Hall, Charnee Smith and Noelle Roby
3rd place – 4 Girls and a Gay Guy (produced by Dana Stemrich, Abigail Camilo, Jenise Ortiz, Steph Hudson, Syketa Harris, Matthew Palmer and Taylor Shields

Best Web Production

1st place – Lindsey Bitler – Flyers Kids Day

Best Video Editing
1st place – Kerrin Simmons – Amelie Music Montage

2nd place – Russell Lash – Hero

3rd place – Seth Wozniak – The Game of Clue

Best Media Analysis/Critique
1st place – Julie Zeglen – “Vogue: Content, Advertisements and the Key to Fantastic”
2nd place – Lindsey Bitler – “Sports Are Twittering Away”
3rd place – Julie Zeglen – Class, Gender and “Waldorf Salad”

Best Script
1st – Dominique Spooner – “See No Evil”
2nd place – Alyssa Mericle – “Love Kills”
3rd place – Lindsey Bitler & Paul Bruno – Rollouts & A Temple Tradition

Best Critical Video
1st place – Sam Rothermel – Into the Hyper Real Byway of Self-Surveillance

2nd place – Tim Saunders, Charles Abel, Adam Reicherter – Memes by Rebecca Black

3rd place – Amy Evans, Tony Boehm, Mary Theresa Martin – Facedeath: The Consequences of Social Media

Best Business Plan
1st place – Riley Loula – Company: Emergent Media Solutions
2nd place – Jessica Smith – Company: The Social Network, LLC

Best Long Form
1st place – Russell Lash – Glamp: The Movie (DVD)
2nd place – Jake Rasmussen – The Grog Show

3rd place – Riley Loula – Bird’s Eye View (DVD)

Video And Digital Audio Production

Everything Went Down promo poster

Recording Artist Kate Tucker Collaborates with MSP Students

On Tuesday, March 1st, Seattle/Brooklyn-based recording artist Kate Tucker visited and collaborated with MSP music industry and video production students.

After chatting with Prof. Jack Klotz’s music industry students about the independent artist’s business model, Ms. Tucker performed a series of songs, which were recorded directly into ProTools by Prof. Klotz’s students, and shot in a four-camera studio setup by Prof. Dustin Morrow’s video production students.

Later in the afternoon, about two dozen of Prof. Morrow’s students, joined by a handful of students from FMA, volunteered to crew for a music video collaboration with Ms. Tucker.  The video was shot in HD with three 7D cameras, and included extensive dolly and steadicam work.  The video was directed by Morrow, with the equipment office’s John Sedlack serving as cinematographer.

Kate Tucker has released three alt-rock albums, including “Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden,” which was among the top indie releases of 2008/2009, generating the hit singles “Faster Than Cars Drive” and “Everything Went Down.” She has showcased at CMJ, SXSW, and Bumbershoot, and played with Lilith Fair last summer. Her catalog has been licensed to several network television series, including “CSI” and “One Tree Hill,” and to multiple Starbucks compilations.  She is repped by the A&R head at Rick Rubin’s label, American Recordings. She recently starred in her first feature film, “Everything Went Down,” which was based on her songs and was written and directed by Professor Morrow.

Television Production

“Sesame Street” Director Ken Diego Visits Dustin Morrow’s Class

On Friday, April 8th, Emmy-winning director Ken Diego visited MSP faculty member Dustin Morrow’s “Producing and Directing” course.  Diego spoke to Morrow’s students, and a group of SMC students who joined the class for the day, about his decades of experience in directing for television.  Mr. Diego’s credits include extensive work in live event television, such as The Tony Awards and PBS’s Great Performances, as well as work in children’s programming for both PBS and Nickelodeon.  For the last 17 years, Mr. Diego has been a director at the legendary children’s series Sesame Street.  Mr. Diego screened clips from his storied career, and answered the students’ questions about TV directing, children’s media, live event directing, public broadcasting, and pursuing a career working in television.

Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association Award

Two MSP students just won a PAPBA award for their sports piece called Cherry Confusion. It was produced in Professor Matt Fine’s class and aired on TUTV and The winners were Jeff McDevitt and Matt Goetz.

According to Professor Fine, “It’s a very exciting award for these guys, who were very creative in their approach to a funny topic on campus.”

Broadcast Performance

Students on field trip

Voice coach, radio producer and host, Sharon Eisenhour took her Broadcast Performance class to WRTI for a field trip in October to record student radio drama projects in WRTI’s fabulous studio. According to Sharon: “It was a great experience for the students; we have another session, to finish up the last three dramas. Since I was on the air at WRTI (and before that, WFLN and WHYY), I know all those folks and we have a great relationship. It was a nice favor they did, making their production director available for this project.”

  • Temple Smash – Temple University’s first student produced variety show comprised solely of university talent.
  • Temple Update – The television news program produced by MSP students. View Temple Update programs, as well as examples of student reporting.
  • Temple Basketball – A project by Kyle Henrick, a student in Professor Matt Fine’s Sports Production Practicum.
  • Welcome to BTMM – MSP (BTMM 4741) Cybermedia Workshop

Digital Audio Production

Students in MSP 4890’s “Bell Tower Music” record label produced and recorded 3 tracks for the self-titled debut album from Philadelphia-based reggae band, Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds, including the single “Airplane”.  The album was voted the #1 Local Album of 2010 and the #1 Local Debut Album of 2010 by WXPN radio’s “The Key” – a website dedicated to the local music scene in the Greater Philadelphia region. Another MSP connection to the project is MSP alum and audio lab assistant, Ken Shumski. who is the band’s bass player.

“Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds” is available on, iTunes, cdBaby, and others. Check out the music video:

Students in Temple’s “Advanced Topics in Media” class hone their engineering skills while working on real-life projects developed for the university’s record label, Bell Tower Music.

Learning the ropes from an industry insider is an experience Temple students enjoy across the university — a successful entrepreneur teaches Fox students, a renowned sculptor works with Tyler students and an Inquirer reporter trains journalism students. There’s no better way to uncover valuable bits on where the jobs are and how to get hired.

Such access is even more critical when the students are aspiring to work in an area as chaotic as the music industry, a field that has undergone radical change since it became possible to download music for free online.

Enter Aaron Luis Levinson and Bell Tower Music (BTM). The Grammy-winning music producer teaches “Advanced Topics of Media and Telecommunications,” a School of Communications and Theater course focused on music production and recording. Levinson took a concept that had been brewing for years — a Temple-based record label — and forced it into reality with the help of Jack Klotz, Jr., assistant professor of Media Studies and Production (MSP).

Last semester Bell Tower Music bore its first fruits outside of the classroom. The label signed Danny Janklow, a gifted jazz saxophonist and Boyer College of Music and Dance student, and Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds. Shine’s bass player, Ken Shumski, is a MSP alumnus. The label also redesigned its website and started YouTube and iTunes channels, giving it the ability to distribute music worldwide.

Bell Tower Music offers the same services as any commercial label — recording, production, distribution and promotion — but is unique in its focus on finding talent in the Temple community.

“We’re always on the lookout for Temple artists,” said Levinson. “There is a premium placed on talent found in our own backyard.”

Each semester, new students work at the label as part of the class. They benefit from the accomplishments of their predecessors and leave behind their own contributions for their successors — exactly as Levinson and Klotz have planned it. While last year the label centered on signing and recording its first artists, this year’s push is on building the label’s brand.

“One of our goals this semester is to build the image of and word-of-mouth about BTM,” said senior Sasha White.

White and classmate Matthew Smith recently landed a show on Temple’s radio station, WHIP, called the Bell Tower Music Hour, which they will use to promote the label and its artists as well as seek out new talent. Fellow classmate Susannah Welbeck, who works at WHIP, helped open the door. The coup exemplifies what makes BTM work so well: each student in the class brings unique expertise and interests and together they go the extra mile.

“We meet up after class and do things on our own time. We make sure we stay connected,” said Jenn Lacko, a senior MSP student.

Students in Recording studio

It’s one of the advantages of signing with BTM: the collective creative might of an entire class focused on an artist’s success. Plus, unlike a commercial label, BTM offers the kind of environment where artists can take more creative chances, explains Klotz, who likens the label to an incubator.

During a recent class, more electricity was coming from the students than was feeding the equipment in the recording studio, which occupies space on the first floor of Annenberg Hall. The group is clearly jazzed to be learning from and working with an industry veteran. Even better, they get to do real work for a real business with real challenges and rewards.

“This is so much more valuable than writing a paper or reading a textbook,” said White. “We’re doing stuff we want to be doing in the future. If we’re going into this industry, we have to know what it’s like to really be there.