Advertising Department Celebrates Student Accomplishments at Annual Award Ceremony and Senior Showcase

The Advertising Department celebrated the accomplishments of their senior class on Wednesday, April 27 at Temple’s Advertising Department Awards. Following the awards, students presented their portfolios in the Senior Showcase.

Visiting Scholar Explores the Politics of Personal Concern in the Digital Age

Americans may have shifted their attention from TV news to social media, but they continue to stay informed on political issues they care about.

Dr. Young Mie Kim from the University of Wisconsin-Madison described this trend and its implications in her talk at SMC on Monday, April 18. The talk was part of the school’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies Speaker Series.

Communication Studies Student Tackles Shame in a Weeklong Event

Maya Minhas first discovered she wanted to change the conversation around menstruation when she took a gap year after graduating from high school.

During that year, Minhas volunteered at an orphanage in India, landed an internship at a brand that specializes feminine hygiene products, and co-founded a global week to promote positive conversations. Last year, the communication studies major brought these ambitions to SMC.