By Jordyn Kreshover

On Wednesday, April 29th, The Advertising Department celebrated the accomplishments of its most outstanding students at the 12th annual Temple Advertising Department Awards (TADA).

Dana Saewitz, interim chair of the department, welcomed the audience and recognized the students' limitless opportunities. She acknowledged that the soon-to-be graduates had the ability to make the world a better place through their power, skills and knowledge.

"All doors are open to you," she said.

Regina Rosa Brown opened the program with a song she wrote," Forever Temple," in which she reflected on the opportunities and connections Temple has provided for not only her, but for all students. After 25 years, she decided to return to school to pursue a degree and interned at the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Her hard work and dedication paid off when Brown was offered a full-time job in their communications department upon graduation.

Throughout the awards program, 71 students were commended with awards, scholarships and recognition for their achievements during their time as students in the department.

Senior Gregory Keating addressed the class by admitting that he has failed at times, but those failures are what have driven him to be great. He reminisced about watching football for the ads and then finding others who felt the same when he decided to major in advertising at Temple. Keating said his classes made him feel like he was supposed to be there and admired his teachers for teaching from their heart.

"I know the skills I learned here will lead me out," he said.

Honoring Dr. James Marra

During the ceremony, the department introduced a new award for excellence in teaching, honoring retired faculty member Dr. James Marra.

Throughout his almost 30-year career at Temple, Marra was an integral member of the department, demonstrating dedication and a selfless commitment to the success of students. The Award for Excellence in Teaching is to be given to future adjunct faculty members who help students realize their fullest potential. This year's recipient of the award was Professor Emily Lux.

Dr. Thomas Eveslage, also a retired faculty member, reflected on Marra's career as a professor. He said he's not sure if his friend is ready to leave his students yet. He added that Marra once said to him, "I always got more from the students then they gave."

Journalism alumnus Andy Abramson (Klein College, '90) flew from San Diego to commend Marra for the positive role he played in his success. Abramson is now the CEO of a value creations agency, Comunicano, where he provides marketing communications consulting to startup companies.

Opportunity at the Senior Showcase

The award ceremony was followed by the Senior Showcase, in which employers, families, friends and faculty could see the best of the graduating students' creative work. Students focusing in account management, art direction, copywriting, media planning and research took advantage of the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments as well as meet and form connections with attendees at the event. Students were particularly looking forward to meeting the many agency professionals and potential future employers in attendance.

The Advertising Department Awards and Senior Showcase could not have happened without Diamond Edge Communications who planned and coordinated the event.

Congratulations to all recipients.