Undergraduate Listserv

In class

The Strategic Communication department maintains a listserv for StratComm students, prospective students, and alumni. The undergraduate STRC listserv was created by the department so that you can:

  • Receive news of interest to StratComm students, including details about StratComm and other course offerings, StratComm events and activities, scholarship and financial aid opportunities, changes in Temple University policies and services, and much more.
  • Share information, answer questions, and solve problems. Use the listserv to post questions concerning STRC courses, schedules, and policies; how to find various resources in Temple and other libraries; where to purchase and how to operate computer hardware and software; how to access and navigate the World Wide Web; and much more.
  • Interact with people in the StratComm Department who you might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

To subscribe to the StratComm listserv, contact Ms. Demaris Watford at dwatford@temple.edu.

Note: The STRC listserv is restricted to STRC majors only.