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SMC faculty are very important to the mission and efforts of the SMC Study Away office. You play a significant role in Temple students’ decisions to study away, and it is only through your leadership that we are able to offer educational opportunities that enrich their Temple experience.

Approximately 200 Temple students study away with SMC Study Away each year, and SMC students and faculty have engaged in overseas educational opportunities since the inaugural London program in 1969! SMC faculty share a rich history of leadership and advocacy for study away opportunities, with involvement ranging from serving as program directors, committee members, referees for students applying to these programs, hosting classroom visits, and so much more! No matter how you plan to be involved with Study Away, we hope this page will serve as a resource for our supportive and dedicated faculty. Read below for more ways to support international education at Temple and learn about opportunities for you to become even further involved in Study Away, as well find a variety of resources designed for prospective faculty directors and selected faculty directors.

Faculty-led Programs
Advocate for Study Away
SMC International Studies Committee
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Request a class visit
International Affairs
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SMC Study Away General Assembly Reports

Faculty-led programs

Eligible faculty may submit applications to the SMC International Faculty Committee for review twice a year. Applications open on September 1, with an October 1 deadline and applications open on February 15 with a March 15 deadline. Before submitting an application, please review the faculty director’s roles and responsibilities, as well as a description of the opportunities, available below.

SMC Study Away Faculty Program Leader Roles and Responsibilities

SMC’s programs in London and Dublin provide students a Temple faculty member to help guide their experiences abroad. The SMC Study Away Faculty Program Leader is responsible for a variety of pre-departure duties which are crucial to the success of a program, including  managing academic, logistical, financial, and even personal matters for students enrolled in our programs. They prepare and deliver curriculum, liaise with local faculty, administration, and staff in the program location, provide professional development assistance and mentoring for students involved in internships abroad, manage their program’s operating budget, help students manage the acculturation process, assist local staff and administration with any student personal, emotional, or health needs, and coordinate crisis management when required.

When you agree to serve as a Study Away Faculty Program Leader you take on various roles: classroom instructor, academic advisor, event and excursion coordinator, host community liaison, disciplinarian, budget manager, and trouble-shooter… even surrogate parent.

Faculty Program Leaders must also assist with student recruiting, selection and preparation for going abroad.

Program Leaders will be selected by a vote of the International Studies Committee from among all proposals submitted for a given program. Selection criteria include:

  1. Applicability, value, and appeal of the content of proposed course(s) to students in all SMC majors.
  2. Thematic stability relative to previous program course offerings, broadly expressed as addressing international or intercultural media and communication.
  3. The academic rigor of the course(s) being proposed.
  4. The degree to which the proposed course(s) is unique to the program location and makes use of “the city as classroom.”
  5. The proposed program leader’s travel (domestic or international) experience and experience in international / intercultural matters.
  6. The proposed program leader’s prior experience with successfully recruiting for and leading study away programs, including experience with budget management.


Program Leadership opportunities are available in London and Dublin, as described below.

SMC’s Study Away programs in London and Dublin are hosted by The Foundation for International Education (FIE) which provides extensive logistical support. Each program includes a small budget for speakers and other academic activities.  However, each program is a bit different in operation and focus.

Dublin Summer program description

The academic focus of the Summer Dublin program is writing and storytelling.  The SMC Faculty Program Leader of the Dublin program teaches Travel Writing (3 cr.), which is open only to students on the Temple program.  During the program all students also be taking an “open enrollment” (i.e., with non-Temple students) course, Irish Life & Cultures, which is taught by local faculty from our host institution.  The latter course critically examines current Irish cultural and societal preoccupations, emphasizing the relationship between culture, media and the formation of national identity.  It includes several co-curricular excursions, two weekend study tours, and several guest lectures, which the Temple faculty director should take into consideration when preparing his or her course (see 2015-2016 Faculty Handbook, linked below). For more information, visit the Dublin course page.

London Summer program description

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Lori Tharp will lead the London Summer 2017 program. Check back soon for brief description and if you are interested in leading the Summer 2018 program, the application will open on February 15, 2017 and close on March 15, 2017.

London Fall and Spring program description

The SMC Faculty Program Leader of the Fall and Spring London programs teaches one course to students enrolled in the SMC program.  That course may either be an existing course from our regular London roster or a special topics course of the faculty member’s design of relevance to all majors in SMC. That course will meet once a week, on Monday or Tuesday, for the duration of the semester.  Students on the program typically enroll in three to four additional courses. The semester is divided into two 7-week phases with an orientation at the start and mid-term break, for a total of 15.5 weeks.
The Faculty Program Leader’s course will run for the full semester, spanning both phases, while the majority of other courses run only during the first half of the semester. Students will choose one of two pathways for the second half of the semester: internship or study. Students on the internship pathway will begin their internship course and placements following the mid-semester break with the Temple faculty director serving as their internship mentor throughout the semester.  Students on the study pathway will begin a new course (or courses) following the mid-semester break, chosen from a list of over twenty courses offered in London every Fall and Spring.
For course descriptions, visit the London course page and to view syllabi for London courses that can be taught by the SMC Faculty Program Leader, please visit FIE’s London course page.

London/Dublin Program Proposals
Visit the Faculty Program Leader Proposal to submit your proposal to direct an SMC International program. You must be logged in to view the application, so visit the SMC website login page before attempting to access the application.

Global Internship Coordinator Proposal
Visit the Global Internship Coordinator Proposal to be considered for the summer of 2017. You must be logged in to view the application, so visit the SMC website login page before attempting to access the application.

Advocate for Study Away

Reassure your students of the value of studying away. It’s not simply a “trip” or “adventure” though that is certainly a part of the experience. Study away is about learning: in the classroom and out; about the world and ourselves; a broadening and deepening of what it means to be a global citizen. Consider ways you and colleagues can promote study away, and please let us know what we can do to help you, either in planning your own study away directorship, or advising your students participating in or exploring an educational opportunities through SMC Study Away.

Read below for more ways to support international education at Temple, and SMC Study Away.

SMC Study Away Committee

The Study Away Committee is responsible for developing curricula for our Study Away programs, guiding the review process of courses offered by our host or partner organizations on the ground in our program locations, selecting faculty directors for all programs that have one, and approving proposals for new programs. Committee members serve for a term of two years, renewable indefinitely; and regular participation in committee meetings is expected of all members.  Meetings are typically held once, sometimes twice a semester.  Membership in the committee is open to all full-time faculty who have a demonstrated interest in International Studies and a desire to serve in this capacity. The SMC Study AwayCommittee is led by the Academic Director for Study Away, Professor, Jack Klotz. If you’re interested in serving SMC in this way, please contact Jack.

Academic Advising & Academic References

Study away is a credit-bearing academic experience that requires coordination and collaboration between SMC faculty, study away staff and SMC academic advisors. Faculty and advisors are critical to encouraging students to consider studying away, and advising them on how the experience can fit into their degree programs. Students may consult faculty for assistance in determining the best program for them, academically, professionally and personally and they truly value your input and support. You may also hear from students in the process of applying to study away, asking you to serve as an academic reference in support of their application. Academic references are a major component for faculty directors in consideration during the admissions process and not only do the students appreciate your time and support, so do faculty directors and the SMC Study Away. We request that faculty submit the Semester Academic Reference Form or the Summer Academic Reference Form online, strictly adhering to application deadlines. You may also receive requests to serve as a recommend-er for SMC Scholarships, which are heavily promoted by SMC Study Away as a resource for funding program participation. Scholarship letters of recommendation are also submitted online using the SMC Scholarships Letter of Recommendation Form.

Request a class visit

SMC Study Away appreciates the opportunity to present our program offerings to students in your classes. By surveying students that submit program applications, we have found that the majority of our participants first learn about our programs during a visit by SMC Study Away to one of their classes, so the time you afford us is really important and appreciated!

Equipped with a team of professionally trained returned study away students working in the office as peer advisors, we are always available to conduct short classroom presentations to inform students about the many study away options available at Temple. Class visit presentations generally last between 10-20 minutes and are frequently scheduled at the beginning or end of the class period to minimize the any interruption to class. The presentation can either be an general overview of study away and program options or it can be more focused on a specific program(s). The presentation can also be expanded to cover these topics in more detail during a full class period, if requested.

For your convenience, you can schedule and customize your class visits using our online system Class Visit Request Form. You can also email class visit requests to SMC Study Away Director, Jacki Mowery (jmowery@temple.edu). Whenever possible, we appreciate at least 48 hours’ notice when scheduling a class visit.

International Affairs

Faculty and administrators play an important advisory role to the Office of International Affairs as well as SMC Study Away as we advocate for further internationalization of Temple University through our study abroad offerings. View the resources for faculty and staff on their website.

Student Advising Resources
Student Pre-departure Website

Student Code of Conduct

Study away students are expected to abide by all of Temple’s policies and are subject to the Student Code of Conduct at all times. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with all of Temple’s policies including the following:

Temple’s Health & Safety Resources

SMC 2015-2016 Emergency Policy Document
London Emergency Incident Response Plan 2015
FIE Safety & Risk Management
Risk Management and Insurance
International SOS Coverage for Temple staff, faculty and students
Visit the USDOS Travel Website*
Center for Disease Control’s Study Abroad page*
*Review country-specific information sheets to understand safety precautions for each country you plan to visit. Information on crime, security, health, recommended immunizations/prescriptions and medical conditions and the location of the U.S. embassy and any consular offices in that country are provided.
Complete your registrationTemple University Travel Registry (TUTR)
Complete your registration: Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
Complete your registration: HTH Worldwide Insurance (follow the three steps listed below):
  1. After receiving an email from HTH Worldwide Insurance Services (enrollment@hthworldwide.com), immediately follow the instructions provided to sign up for the first time on their site.
  2. Upon completing your registration, you must print your ID card and review the HTH Health Insurance Booklet (PDF).
  3. Parents can also access policy information by registering with student information on the HTH Parents site.

HTH Worldwide 2015 Health Insurance Booklet
HTH FAQ & Quick Info Sheet
HTH 2015 Claims Form

Temple Travel & Per Diem Resources
Temple University Travel Policies
Travel Advance (per diem) Request Form

Academic Resources
Writing Intensive Course Guidelines and Support for Faculty

SMC Study Away General Assembly Reports

SMC Study Away 2014-2015 General Assembly Report
SMC Study Away 2013-2014 General Assembly Report
SMC Study Away 2012-2013 General Assembly Report
SMC Study Away 2011-2012 General Assembly Report
SMC Study Away 2010-2011 General Assembly Report