Global Internship Selection Process

*The internship placement process is different for Dublin than all other Global Internship locations. Click here for more information*

Workplace Intercultural Immersion

In each program location students will not only have opportunities to improve intercultural communication skills, and in some cases, language acquisition and proficiency, but they will also gain maximum exposure to the industry of their choice. A hands-on, project focused internship experience will assist with deeper cross-cultural understanding while also furthering personal and professional growth.  The on-campus learning will continue as students experience firsthand intercultural communication in an overseas or domestic work environment.

Internships are available in nearly every field, so even if you do not see an industry that you are interested in listed below for your desired location, that does not mean that opportunities do not exist. The list below is not inclusive, it is merely the top internship fields for both locations:

Boston: Casting, Public Relations, Event Planning, Journalism, Publishing and many more.
 Communications, Public Relations, Event Planning, Photography, Radio, TV, Music and many more.
Chicago: Fashion, Finance, Public Relations, Event Planning, Marketing and many more.
Hong Kong: Advertising, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Art, Finance and many more.
London: Fashion, Finance, Public Relations, Event Planning, Marketing and many more.
Los Angeles: Fashion, Casting, Talent, Public Relations, Film, Music and many more.
Miami: Public Relations, Marketing, Arts/Theater, Hospitality & Tourism, Finance, International Trade and many more.
New York City: Fashion, Finance, Public Relations, Event Planning, Film and many more.
Paris: Advertising, Event Planning, Fashion, Film, Hospitality & Tourism, Marketing, Music, Non-profit, Photography, Public Relations, Publishing, Technology, Television, Theatre and many more.
Washington, DC: Communications, Political/International Affairs, Non-profit, Legal, Finance and many more.

A more complete list of industries offering plentiful internships in each of the locations listed above is available to download from the Global Internship Industry Options. A sample of employers, although not guaranteed, is available here.

Internship Placement Process


Each student will work with their Internship Coordinator to find the best fit for an internship based off of their academic background and skill set.  The goal is to educate and prepare each student for an internship in their desired field. This commitment focuses on enhancing each student’s industry aptitude by enabling them to gain an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.  Most importantly, the student has full control of the internship placement process. If DCI, the program provider, is unable to place a student in an internship that meets their sole approval by their placement deadline, they will receive a full refund.  Watch the internship placement video to get a better understanding of the entire process and then review the detailed steps below!

Step 1:  Internship Coordinator & Mentor Management

  • Assigned an Internship Coordinator (IC) that is an expert in the industry and program location
  • IC serves as the direct point of contact for all questions related to the program and placement process
  • Given access to Career Connect Portal, which contains full access to companies and internship position descriptions
  • If required, you will begin the visa process with your visa coordinator

Step 2: Resume Revision

  • Student guided through a world class resume revision process
  • Focus on how to bring out the best in each student’s resume
  • Student develops their resume using the DCI Resume Builder tool

 Step 3: Interview Preparation

  • 95% of interviews will be conducted over the phone
  • IC works to prepare each student using:
    • Custom interview tutorial
    • One-on-One mock interviews
  • Student develops their interviewing skills using the DCI Interview Essentials tool

Step 4: Internship Selection

  • Full access to Internship Database, which includes:
    • Detailed information regarding employers
    • Internship descriptions and requirements
    • IC will ask student to select a group of approximately 3-5 companies/internships
    • Student reviews companies/internships available, discusses with IC

Step 5: Resume Submission/Interview

  • Final target list of companies discussed and outlined with IC
  • IC reaches out to the selected companies on the student’s behalf and submits resumes
  • IC works to set up phone interviews

Step 6: After Interviewing

If the employer offers the student an internship position, a formal agreement is sent to the student

  • Student must either Accept or Decline the position
    • Accepted: Student is officially placed
    • Declined: Steps 5 and 6 will repeat until the placement is official