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Elaica Zayas and Jessica Sudue – Barcelona Summer 2013

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Program Testimonials

Name: Jason Adams
Major: Media Studies and Production
Program: Global Internship (New York) Summer 2015

I would just like to take the time to share the journey I have had in with Dream Careers now that it is nearly the end. I joined this program through Temple University with a few goals in mind. I wanted to get an internship in New York, build connections outside of Philadelphia, and audition for my dream job.

I started the program with an internship that was only giving me a few hours a week. I am a graduating senior so I needed to gain a lot more experience. Eventually, I secured another internship on top of that with the encouragement and help of the wonderful staff in the program. Having two internships has given me double the experience and an even larger pool of people to make connections with.

Connections are a huge part of success, no matter what field you are going into. New York has exposed me to people from everywhere imaginable. I live in PA, and wish i would have realized how easy it is to take a bus here to meet the endless amount of people this city has to offer. I will definitely be making trips back to New York regularly now. I wish I would have gotten to know everyone in the program, but the people I have met have been amazing sources of inspiration.

Now, about the audition I mentioned. I have always wanted to be a Blue Man in Blue Man Group (check them out if you are unfamiliar). I reached out to numerous people in the company and eventually secured a audition earlier this week. I have been a drummer since the age of 10 (one of the skills required to be a Blue Man). Unfortunately, I did not make the cut. However, I have begun talking to an active Blue Man in Boston who has offered me some great advice. After this program I will be working on developing my skills to audition again in the future. Without this program I don’t know if I would have ever worked up the courage to audition. I can’t wait to try again.

Name: Reina Lopez
Major: Adult and Organizational Development
Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2014
Program: Global Internship (Barcelona) Summer 2013
Instagram: _reina_lopez_

Hello, my name is Reina Lopez and my major is Adult and Organizational Development in the school of Education. My current goal is to have a career facilitating, training and conducting seminars domestically and abroad on topics such as mediation, career coaching and conflict resolution in the workplace.

Reina, Barcelona Summer 2013

To prepare for a career abroad this past summer I participated in the Barcelona Internship Program 2013. For eight weeks I worked for a digital company in their Human Resources department working on a number of projects that are now included in my resume. Aside from my studies, I’m involved in Temple’s Diamond Leaders as a peer facilitator conducting workshops for student organizations on campus. On my free time I enjoy yoga, visiting the bookstore, taking dance class and networking meeting new friends.

Name: Jamia Pugh
Major: Media Studies and Production
Graduation Date: Spring 2015
Program: Global Internship (NYC) Summer 2014

Hi! My name is Jamia Pugh! I am Media Studies and Production Major, Spanish Minor within the School of Media and Communications! I am from a small town in Pennslyvania but have the dreams and goals of Oprah Winfrey! I participated in the Study Away Program during the summer of 2013 when I traveled to the West Coast for the first time ever- LA was AMAZING! I also participated in the Study Away Program during the summer of 2014 when I was introduced to the big apple- New York City is where your dreams will come true! I never thought I would go outside of Philadelphia to study or experience new things, but studying away in a different area of the world was the best decision I’ve made thus far!

Name: Jessica Sudue
Major: Media Studies and Production
Graduation Date: Spring 2014
Program: Global Internship (Barcelona) Summer 2013
Facebook: Search “Jessica Sudue”
Instagram: Jessysolovely

Jessica, Barcelona Summer 2013

My major is Media Studies and Production. I recently went to Barcelona for the Summer 2013 session. I had the opportunity to complete a video internship at Hangar Org. I truly enjoyed my summer in Barcelona. I liked being having the ability to go the beach right after work and enjoying the different menu of the days for lunch. I also enjoyed many of the parks in the city and the breathtaking views. Barcelona is a city worth experiencing! I do not regret spending my summer there one bit! If you are interested in studying in Barcelona or would like to hear about my experience, do not hesitate to contact me.

Name: Elaica Zayas
Major: Media Studies and Production
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2015
Program: Global Internship (Barcelona) Summer 2013

Elaica, Barcelona Summer 2013

Hi! I’m Elaica, or you can call me Lai. I’m a Media Studies and Production major straight out of NYC.
The International Internship Program in Barcelona was the most rewarding and most fulfilling experience of my life thus far. I got to experience the city in a way that many tourists wouldn’t. Working in the city and understanding life and the pace of everything in Barcelona accelerated my learning experiences rather than just studying or visiting the city.

The places I’ve been within the city of Barcelona, the cities outside of Barcelona I’ve visited, the people I’ve met, the things I experienced, and so much more will always be blissful memories I’ll never forget. Barcelona hands down changed my life for the better. I am the first of my family to go to college and the first to leave the country beyond Central America. I am, to say the least, proud of myself and grateful for the opportunities presented to me through Temple University.

I plan on traveling as much as possible. I think if you have the motivation and the will to travel and explore new life, new cultures, and new countries, you can. It’s all about encouragement and hunger from within that will push you. I would’ve never imagined spending a summer in another country, let alone Spain. Now I don’t see it any other way! All about perspective. TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Name: Camille Smith
Major: Strategic Communication
Major: Spanish
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2015
Program: Global Internship (Barcelona) Summer 2013

Camille, Barcelona, Summer 2013

My name is Camille Smith and am a Strategic Communications and Spanish major. On campus I am a Resident Assistant in Morgan Hall North Tower and a part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Entering into

college, everyone had told me to make sure to study abroad, but as a double major, I was not sure it would be possible. Finding the SMC Study Away program in collaboration with Dream Careers to Barcelona, Spain was,

hands down, the most amazing experience I have had at Temple University thus far. While in Spain I fell in love with the city, the small towns, the Mediterranean, and of course the food! Studying away is a must do as a college student.